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modern general dentistry with lumineers Modern general dentistry in Beverly Hills has gained much deserved popularity lately as more people request results that exceed general cleaning and new fillings. With today’s technology, advancements in dental procedures, such as improved digital imaging, have encouraged patients to visit a dentist to correct their smile. Social media and reality shows do a good job of showing celebrities visiting their dentist, sharing their positive experience via Twitter or Facebook, further popularizing top dental providers, especially in Los Angeles. By inspiring and educating the public about the positive effects a dentist can have on your overall oral health and self-esteem, I feel that I can change lives for the better.

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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dentist

May 21st, 2015

Here Are 5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Dentist A routine visit to the dentist is not only good for your teeth, but it could help you live longer. Even if you have never previously had a cavity or major dental issue, you should still visit your local dental office for a cleaning and…

5 Tips To Help Kids Overcome Dental Fears

March 27th, 2015

Helping Your Children Overcome Dental Phobia Visiting the dentist can be a terrifying experience for children. However, to encourage optimal oral health you have to start early. Follow these tips to help your child relax before their next dental appointment. Avoid bribery – Teaching good oral hygiene practices to your children is not easy. You may be tempted to…

Top 10 Toothache Home Remedies

March 19th, 2015

Top 10 Toothache Home Remedies For A Temporary Fix Ask anyone who has had a toothache and you will hear about symptoms ranging from mild soreness to unbearable pain and everything between. Toothaches always seem to happen at the worst possible times too, such as during a dinner party, on vacation or during an important meeting…

Tooth Enamel: Strengthen, Restore, Repeat

February 20th, 2015

How to Strengthen and Restore Your Enamel Dental marketing does a good job of reminding you about gingivitis and tooth decay… but what happened to discussions about tooth enamel? Recent controversies about fluoride may have caused marketers to take a different approach, shifting into more profitable and flashy verticals such as teeth whitening. The bottom line…

Twilight Anesthesia For Dentistry

February 13th, 2015

Twilight Anesthesia – Conscious Sedation For Dentistry Twilight anesthesia can be used for many healthcare applications including sedation dentistry. When a provider or cosmetic dentist elects to use twilight anesthesia also known as conscious sedation, the patient will remain under a “light sleep,” but not unconscious as with general anesthesia, allowing the provider to perform…

Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

January 17th, 2015

Your Ultimate Toothpaste Guide For A Healthy Smile There are so many different toothpastes on the market, each of them boasting different features.  It’s true most of us don’t think too much about what toothpaste we use unless you have an issue such as tooth sensitivity or gum disease. Below is your ultimate toothpaste guide to…

5 Quick Dental Tips From Los Angeles Dentists

January 10th, 2015

Quick Dental Guide From Top Los Angeles Dentists Nothing says “hello” like a beautiful smile. Here a few dental tips from local experts that will help you improve the condition and appearance of your teeth and gums for a healthy mouth that will last a lifetime. “Are you nervous about getting work done on your…

5 Holiday Oral Health Tips

December 17th, 2014

How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays If you notice complications with your teeth prior to the holidays–for example, discomfort, pain, or chipping–don’t put it off until after the New Year. Visit your dentist right away. Here are five holiday oral health tips to make sure you take proper care of your teeth…

5 Oral Hygiene Tips For Seniors

December 12th, 2014

5 Oral Hygiene Tips As You Get Older As we get older there are more things to consider when it comes to maintaining healthy oral hygiene. Medications might have caused dry mouth, years of drinking coffee and tea are starting to catch up with you, and using tobacco has made your teeth yellow. The good news…

Correcting Crooked Teeth Is Good for Your Health

October 28th, 2014

Correcting Crooked Teeth Is Good for Your Health Correcting your teeth can work wonders for your smile, but did you also know fixing your teeth may help decrease your danger of forming a major illness? With today’s innovations in orthodontic technology, correcting misaligned teeth is much easier and less intrusive than before. Crooked Teeth Can…

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