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For people suffering from missing teeth resulting from decay or other oral problems, dental implants are an effective long-term solution, as well as a highly popular one. Modern tooth Implants are more popular than dentures, crowns, and bridges because they function like natural teeth, fitting perfectly into your existing smile. When it comes to tooth replacement, implant dentistry is the most popular option because they look and feel just like natural teeth!

Implants feel so secure and comfortable that many people forget they have them. They feel so much like natural teeth because we use a titanium implant fixture that fuses to the jawbone, acting as a new root. The fusing of the bone cells to the titanium forms an incredibly strong and durable anchor for your new teeth to hold onto. Whereas dentures have a tendency to shift, which can make eating and smiling uncomfortable for the wearer, implants won’t slip or move.

Fix Missing Teeth with Dental Implants 

Implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full upper or lower set of teeth. There are three main treatments we offer–All-On-Four transplants, multiple implants, and single implants.

  • Full Upper / Lower Teeth Replacement – For patients who need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth, All-On-Four treatments tend to be the best option. A dental surgeon will place four implants in the mouth and then install an entire arch of teeth, which gives this treatment option its name.
  • Multiple Teeth Replacement – For patients missing more than one tooth but have healthy surrounding teeth, multiple implants are a good option. Two implants are put in place, and the crowns attached, fitting smoothly around the natural teeth.
  • Single Tooth Replacement – For patients with just one tooth missing, single implants offer the ideal solution. One implant is installed, followed by a crown that looks just like the natural teeth.

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Average Cost

There’s no one set price for cosmetic dentistry. The price depends on the individual circumstances of each patient and their dental needs. The best way to get an accurate idea of how much undergoing a cosmetic treatment would be is to visit our dental office in Beverly Hills for a consultation. You can discuss any worries or concerns you may have with us, and get an accurate idea of how much your procedure will cost.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we take an all-in-one approach that helps to keep treatments as affordable and accessible as possible. Our entire team works from one location, so patients only need to visit one facility. This makes the process easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective for our patients.

We understand that covering the up-front costs of dental implants isn’t always affordable for our patients, which is why we offer a range of payment options. Many patients can apply for financing, allowing them to pay off their treatment on a monthly basis. We also have other options that can be explored if financing isn’t a suitable solution.

Free Dental Implant Consultation

The first step to undergoing dental implant treatment is the consultation. This is your chance to ask any questions about the procedure, what to expect from it, and it’s also a great opportunity to discuss the cost of undergoing any treatments you need. At this free consultation, Dr. Glosman will create a patient-centered treatment plan that will be used to shape your dental experience should you choose to undergo any of our dental services. Part of your personalized treatment plan will look at your payment options, including financing.

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