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Dental Implants of Beverly Hills

Dental implants are frames that are surgically positioned into the jawline that act as artificial tooth roots, providing a permanent base for replacement teeth. For people suffering from missing teeth due to decay or other dental problems, dental implants are an effective long-term solution, as well as a highly popular one. Dental implants are more popular than dentures, crowns, and bridges because they function like natural teeth, fitting perfectly into the mouth. When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are the most popular option as they don’t move or rub like dentures do; they look and feel just like natural teeth.

What is it that makes dental implants feel just like natural teeth? Dental implants feel so secure and comfortable that a lot of people forget that they have them in place. The reason why dental implants are so much like natural teeth is because dental specialists use a titanium implant fixture that slowly fuses to the bone cells of the jaw, allowing it to act as the root of a natural tooth would do. The fusing of the bone cells to the titanium forms an incredibly strong and highly durable anchor for the new teeth, meaning that the teeth won’t slip or move, they will sit firmly in place. Whereas dentures have a tendency to move, which can make eating and smiling uncomfortable for the wearer, especially when in public.

There are three parts to dental implants, and these are as follows:

  • The implant: The implant is a medical screw that acts as the root for new teeth. This is permanently attached to the jaw, which is what ensures that the new teeth stay firmly in place.
  • The abutment: This is a permanent connector that holds the tooth or set of teeth in place. Although permanently fitted, it can be removed by a dental specialist.
  • The crown: The crown is basically a prosthetic tooth, this is the part of the new tooth that can be seen – the part that looks like a natural tooth. Crowns are normally made of porcelain or zirconium, as these are two of the most durable materials – the more durable the prosthetic tooth, the better.

Dental implants can be used to replace one single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full upper or lower set of teeth. There are three main treatments on offer; these are All-On-Four transplants, multiple implants, and single implants.

For patients who need to replace a full upper or lower set of teeth, All-On-Four treatments tend to be the best option. A dental surgeon will place four implants in the mouth and then install an entire arch of teeth; this is what gives this treatment option its name.

For patients who are missing more than one tooth but have healthy surrounding teeth, multiple implants are a good option. Two implants are put in place and the crowns attached, fitting smoothly around the natural teeth.

For patients who have just one tooth missing, single implants offer the ideal solution. One implant is installed, followed by a crown that looks just like the natural teeth.

The Cost Of Dental Implants

When it comes to undergoing dental implant treatment, a lot of patients are concerned about the cost. One of the most common concerns that patients considering dental implant treatment have is how much it will cost them and whether it is an affordable option for their circumstances. There’s a common misconception that undergoing the highly specialist treatment of having dental implants fitted is unaffordable but the reality is that isn’t necessarily the case.

The truth is that there’s no one set price for dental implants, the price depends on the individual circumstances of each patient and their dental needs. The best way to get an accurate idea of how much undergoing dental implants will be is to visit the Arthur Glosman DDS- clinic for a free consultation. That way you can discuss any worries or concerns that you may have with your dental specialist as well as getting an accurate idea of how much your dental implant treatment will cost.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we take an all-in-one approach to dental implants which helps to keep this treatment as affordable and accessible as possible. The entire team is situated in one location, along with all of the necessary equipment for the dental implant treatment, which means that patients only have to visit one facility. This makes the process of undergoing treatment easier and more convenient for our patients, as well as less stressful. Housing the entire specialist dental team in one place also makes undergoing treatment more cost-effective for our patients, which is something that’s incredibly important to us.

We understand that covering the cost of dental implant treatment isn’t always affordable for our patients, which is why we offer a range of payment options. Many patients are able to apply for financing, allowing them to pay off their treatment on a monthly basis. We also have other options that can be explored if financing isn’t a suitable solution. That’s why all patients are invited for a free consultation so that the experienced Arthur Glosman DDS team can discuss the procedure with you, as well as your payment options.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we often tell our patients not to let the cost of undergoing dental implant treatment stop them from changing their lives. We are dedicated to helping each and every one of our patients find a way to make dental implants an affordable option for them. We know how much of an impact a lack of teeth can have on your life, which is why we always go above and beyond to help as many patients as possible.

To allow our patients to make an informed decision about their treatment, we like to ensure that we show them all of the options that are available to them in terms of making payment. We understand that paying in full isn’t always affordable, which is why we offer an array of options that we are happy to discuss in further detail at a free consultation. We can explain the payment options we offer, look at your budget, and work out a suitable payment plan for your specific needs.

New Teeth in Just One Day

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we are able to offer our patients new teeth in just one day. Instead of having to return to our highly-specialized treatment center again and again for continuous work, we can fit each patient with their new teeth in just one day, making undergoing treatment easier, less stressful, and more convenient.

The treatment itself may be performed in one day, but in the lead up to it and afterward, patients are expected to attend pre-treatment appointments and post-treatment check-ups. These appointments are to allow our highly specialized team to ensure that each patient gets the very best and most suitable care and treatment for their specific needs.

As each case of installing dental implants is different, it’s highly important that we are able to see our patients in the lead up to their treatment as well as afterward for short, convenient check-ups.

Have A Free Consultation

The first step to undergoing dental implant treatment is a free consultation. This is your chance to ask any questions about the procedure, and what to expect from it, it’s also a great opportunity to discuss the cost of undergoing treatment. At this free consultation, our doctors will create a person-centered treatment plan that will be used to shape your experience, should you choose to undergo dental implant treatment. Part of your personalized treatment plan will look at your payment options for funding your treatment, including the possibility of taking out finance.

Pre Procedure Check-Up

When you have decided that you want to move forward and undergo dental implant treatment, you will then meet with Dr. Arthur Glosman DDS, who will explain your treatment plan in more detail to you and will finalize each aspect of it. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns that you may have about undergoing treatment, such as how any discomfort or pain will be managed. Once you have asked any questions that you might have, you will then undergo a dental exam. As long as there’s no medical reason why you can’t undergo treatment, your procedure will then be scheduled.

Dental Implant Procedure

On the day of your dental implant procedure, you will have your implants fitted and will go home with a set of temporary prosthetic teeth in place. Just like your permanent set of new teeth, these will look and function like your natural teeth would do. You will keep these temporary teeth in place for several months while the dental implants heal into place.

Post Procedure Check Ups

Following your dental implant procedure, there is a recovery period that your mouth will need to go through, for most patients this lasts from a few weeks to a few months. During this time, patients are advised to live on a diet of soft foods, allowing their dental implants to heal properly. To make sure that everything is healing nicely, most patients will come back in for a few check ups. Each and every post-treatment check up is complimentary, so there is no extra cost to worry about.

Receive Your Permanent Teeth

Once your dental implants have completely healed, the final step is receiving your permanent teeth. It’s important that these aren’t fitted until the dental implants have stabilized, which is why it can take a few months before your permanent teeth are put in place. Just like your temporary teeth, your permanent ones will look, feel and act like natural teeth.

The Benefits of Working with Dr. Glosman

The Arthur Glosman DDS facility was founded on the principle that dental implant procedures could be improved and made more comfortable and convenient for patients. Using an innovative approach to dental implant treatment has meant that Dr. Glosman and his skilled team perform a high number of these treatments each year compared to many other dental implant centers. The high level of experience and skill on offer has given thousands of patients the confidence to take a leap of faith and undergo dental implant treatment, improving their quality of life, allowing them to eat and smile with confidence.

One Team

Dr. Glosman and his team of doctors and specialists work in partnership to ensure that high-quality treatment is delivered to each and every patient. Working in partnership means that each team member works closely with each other, ensuring the highest quality of care possible. Dr. Glosman believes that when a doctor speaks directly to the oral surgeon and the technician, a higher level of patient care is offered, improving the experience that patients have. When it comes to offering patients the very best level of care, we know that communication is key.

To ensure that each team member is able to offer the highest levels of patient care, each doctor, lab technician, and every other team member goes through a rigorous screening process. This allows us to ensure that they are able to meet our high standards of quality when it comes to dental care and treatments. At Arthur Glosman DDS-, we specifically look for medical professionals with high levels of experience and skill to ensure that our care is always of the highest quality. We believe that having a highly skilled team that is specialized in dental implant treatment is a key strength that our facility offers.

One Cost

When undergoing dental implant treatment at other facilities, a lot of patients have reported being unsure about the price of their treatment before having the procedure. This is because most dental treatment facilities use a range of specialists and destinations, where the price goes up and up with each different session. At Arthur Glosman DDS-, our highly skilled team of doctors and lab technicians all work on site which means that we can give one price for your treatment from start to finish. This means that there are no hidden costs added onto your bill, you will only pay the price that was agreed at your free initial consultation, and no more than that.

One Location

Normally, undergoing dental implant treatment means making several visits to various specialists, each of which is located in a different location. The prosthetic teeth, both the temporary and permanent ones, are created off-site in a specialist lab, and then shipped back to the facility. However, at Arthur Glosman DDS-, we have created one facility that allows us to do everything on site, from fitting dental implants to making adjustments to the shape and size of prosthetic teeth. This means that from start to finish, your entire treatment will be performed under one roof, in one specialist center.

All in One Dental Implant Solution

At Arthur Glosman DDS, the entire specialist dental team, as well as the lab team and support staff are all located in the same treatment center. This allows the team to communicate easily with each other and collaborate on different areas of each treatment. We believe that this all-in-one approach to dental implant treatment offers our patients a better, more convenient, and less stressful solution.

How does all-in-one treatment compare to the traditional approach?

Before we launched our specialist facility, undergoing dental implant treatment used to mean a lot of going from place to place and a lot of waiting around. There would be an array of separate visits to make to different specialists, a long wait for scan results, another long wait for your dental records and treatment plan to be transferred from facility to facility. Then you would have to wait again while each specialist contacted and communicated with the others about the treatment plan.

To give you a better idea of what traditional dental implant treatment would entail, below is a step by step guide:

  • Step One: The first step to undergoing dental implant treatment would traditionally mean making an appointment to see a dental surgeon for a consultation and check-up. It could take weeks to find a suitable surgeon as well as one who was willing to work with your other selected treatment specialists.
  • Step Two: Once you had your first consultation with an oral surgeon, the next step was to attend a specialist imagery lab where you would get a 3D CAT scan of your mouth. This information would then have to be sent back to your oral surgeon and to any other specialists who were involved in your treatment plan.
  • Step Three: The next step is to return to see your oral surgeon who will then perform the implant procedure, as well as taking measurements for your temporary and permanent prosthetic teeth. These are then sent to the dental lab so that your prosthetic teeth can be created.
  • Step Four: The dental lab creates the teeth and then sends them back to the oral surgeon for approval. If any changes need to be made, the teeth then have to be sent back to the dental lab, which can take weeks.
  • Step Five: The temporary prosthetic teeth are fitted by your oral surgeon. Then, once your implants have healed, your permanent teeth are fitted.

By choosing to go down the traditional dental implant treatment route, you have to see several different specialists and wait for a longer period. You will also end up paying more for your treatment than you would do if you opted to undergo treatment at our specialist all-in-one facility.

Why is the all-in-one approach that we offer a better option?

The great thing about choosing to have your treatment performed at our specialist clinic is that we offer a simpler solution. If you choose to use Arthur Glosman DDS-, you will be working with the same dental team throughout your treatment process. You will only have to visit one facility, making your treatment easier, more convenient, and less expensive.

The first part of the treatment process at Arthur Glosman DDS includes receiving a 3D CAT scan and a consultation with our specialist dental implant team to determine the best course of treatment for your specific needs. You will be told how much your treatment will cost you and that number will not change – it covers your treatment from start to finish. Your dental implant surgery will be performed in one day, and you will go home with a set of temporary, fully working prosthetic teeth. At each follow-up appointment, and at your fitting for your permanent teeth, you will meet with the same specialist team.

Common Questions About Implants

If you’re considering dental implants, it’s important to ensure that you understand what’s involved in the process and how it can benefit you. To give you the peace of mind that you need to undergo your treatment and be confident about it, the Arthur Glosman DDS- team will guide you through the process from start to finish, answering any questions that you have along the way, ensuring that you’re completely comfortable with the treatment that you are going to undergo.

To put your mind at rest before coming in for the initial consultation, below are some of the most common questions that we get asked.

How painful is the procedure?

When it comes to undergoing dental implant treatment, a lot of patients are concerned about the level of pain that they will experience. At —-, our specialist team always do everything that they can to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your entire procedure. We offer two options when it comes to pain relief; these are local anesthesia or IV sedation, both of which work incredibly well at preventing pain and discomfort. Many patients who don’t want to feel anything or are overly anxious about their procedure, opt to undergo IV sedation. Most patients post-treatment agree that they experienced a lot less discomfort than they thought they would.

My oral health is not good; my teeth are in a bad way. Am I still viable for dental implants?

Believe it or not, most people can safely have dental implants put in place, despite their dental health. A lot of people presume that age can impact your ability to have dental implants placed, but that is not necessarily the case, a lot of older people undergo dental implant treatment with great success. Whether you’re missing just one tooth or many teeth, having dental implants installed may be the best option for you. At —-, our team of dental implant specialists are experienced in treating patients with complex dental needs that may have been refused treatment by other surgeons. To find out if you are viable for dental implant treatment, the best thing to do is book a free consultation with a member of our specialist team.

Will people know I have implants? I want my smile to look like I have natural teeth, will it?

A lot of patients worry that their dental implants won’t look natural when actually that’s not the case. As dental implants are joined to your jaw bone like natural teeth would be, they look just as natural as normal teeth. Once the implants have healed, you will be able to eat, smile, and brush and floss your teeth like you’ve had them for your whole life. If you want to ensure that the shape, size, and color of your teeth is just right, you can work with our team to ensure that your prosthetic teeth look just like your natural ones.

How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period post treatment differs from patient to patient. However, as a rule of thumb, most patients recover within a few weeks to a few months and are then ready for their permanent prosthetics to be fitted. You will have to live off of soft food for a few weeks and may have some soreness and discomfort, but nothing that a couple of painkillers shouldn’t fix. That being said, a lot of patients say that they experienced some slight swelling but didn’t actually need any pain medication post treatment.

Take comfort in our experience

The specialist team at Arthur Glosman DDS are experts in their field and the high levels of care that they offer their patients. So you can take comfort in knowing that throughout your treatment, you will be guided through every step before it happens, helping to keep you feeling calm and confident about your treatment. We understand that the more you know about dental implant treatment, the more confident you will feel about undergoing this life-changing procedure.

Is dental implant treatment expensive? Is there a financing option?

There’s a common misconception that dental implant treatment is unaffordable. However, the truth is that thanks to the precise technology and skilled team of dental professionals, we can offer dental implant treatment for a much lower price than a few years ago. Even so, many of our patients are still unable to make payment in full, which is why we offer a financing option, giving our patients the choice of taking out a payment plan to cover the cost of their treatment. During your initial consultation, our Patient Education Consultant will work with you to work out what the best option would be for you regarding making payment for your treatment.

Can I bring a friend or relative for support?

We actually recommend that each patient brings a friend or relative along with them for support on the day of their treatment. This is because having a loved one close by tends to help make you feel calmer and less anxious.

How long does the actual treatment take?

The majority of our patients walk into the Arthur Glosman DDS in the morning and go home later that day with a new set of beautiful prosthetic teeth. On the day of your treatment, here’s what happens: You will arrive and be sedated or given local anesthesia, depending on what you’ve opted for, then the procedure will be performed. Afterward, you will spend some time resting in our recovery room while your sedative or local anesthesia wears off. The teeth you will be fitted with are temporary teeth; you will come back a few months later once your implants have healed, to have your permanent prosthetic teeth fitted.

Are you the best at what you do?

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we understand that getting dental implants is a big decision and that it’s only natural that patients should want to do their research and look at where they get the most for their money. When it comes to our competitors, Arthur Glosman DDS stands out for two very important reasons, these are: We only ever use the highest quality of materials, like titanium implants, with a specialist dental implant team on hand at all times. We also believe that our high levels of customer care and our friendly approach is why so many people have chosen Arthur Glosman DDS for their dental implant treatment.

Do dental implants work like real teeth?

Believe it or not, dental implants look, act, and feel like natural teeth, and function like them too. With dental implants in place, you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about your implants moving or coming out because they are fused to the jaw like your natural teeth would be.

What can I expect from my consultation?

If you think that undergoing dental implant treatment may be the right option for you, then you need to take the next step – a free consultation with a member of our skilled and experienced dental team.

To allow potential patients to get a better understanding of what undergoing dental implant treatment entails, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation. This gives potential patients the opportunity to find out more about the treatment and to ask any questions that they might have, such as how much implants will cost or whether the treatment will be painful or uncomfortable.

A lot of potential patients are hesitant to attend a consultation as they aren’t sure what to expect from it. To give you an idea of what our consultations entail, below is a step by step guide.

Step 1: Meeting The Implant Team

The first part of an initial consultation for undergoing dental implant treatment is meeting with the implant team. You will talk with a Patient Education Consultant who will be with you throughout the entire process. If you decide that we at Arthur Glosman DDS are the right choice for you, your Patient Education Consultant will be a big part of your treatment plan. You will also meet with one of our specialist restorative dentists who can explain what undergoing dental implant treatment entails and answer any questions that you have about the procedure or aftercare. This is the perfect time to ask any questions that you have or to raise any worries or concerns that you’ve been thinking about regarding your treatment.

Step 2: Getting Your Treatment Plan

At Arthur Glosman DDS-, we understand that every patient has a unique dental situation that requires a personalized approach and solution. We’ve worked with patients with extreme dental anxiety before, helping to ensure that the approach we take causes as little stress and anxiety as possible. So whatever your personal circumstances, we can help. To make undergoing treatment easier for nervous patients, we offer sedation as well as local anesthesia. As part of your free consultation at our all-in-one facility, you will have a set of 3D CT scan images made, enabling us to come up with a detailed treatment plan for your dental implant procedure, should you opt to have treatment with us.

Step 3: Get A Set Price For Treatment

Once we have created 3D plans of your mouth and looked at your dental records, we can recommend the dental implant treatment that would be best suited to you and your specific needs, allowing us to give you a price for your treatment. The price that we give you is a set price, which means that it won’t change and covers the cost of all treatment, including post-treatment check-ups. This is the perfect time to look at the option of taking out finance to spread the payments for your treatment over a set period of time, making it more affordable.

Take the first steps to a new you today and schedule your free consultation with a member of our skilled and experienced dental team.

How are Dental Implants made?

Dental implants are simply a replacement for a tooth’s natural root. A dental implant is fitted directly to the jaw, where the cells from the jaw fuse the artificial implant to the bone, ready to hold a crown or prosthetic tooth firmly in place. Once dental implants have been fitted, if they are well looked after and maintained they can be kept in place for life.

For people suffering from dental problems like missing teeth, dental implants can be the perfect long-term solution. Compared to bridges and dentures, dental implants are a more popular choice because they fit the mouth like natural teeth and are more comfortable and more secure.

The reason that dental implants are more secure and more comfortable than dentures or bridges is because of the material that they are made from. The titanium implant that is used at Arthur Glosman DDS slowly fuses to the bone, which means that the prosthetic teeth are held securely in place and look and feel like natural teeth because they don’t move like dentures.

How are dental implants made?

Dental implants are usually made from three simple pieces that fit seamlessly together. These three pieces are the implant, the abutment, and the crown (or prosthetic tooth).

The implant itself is a screw-shaped piece of titanium that is attached to your jaw and acts as the root of the new prosthetic tooth.

The abutment is a connector that is used to hold the prosthetic tooth in place. This is a permanent fitting, but if something goes wrong with it, it can be easily removed by a dentist. The abutment is a vital piece as it holds the prosthetic tooth or set of teeth in place, without it the teeth would move and rub like dentures do.

The crown (or prosthetic tooth) sits on top of the abutment and acts like a natural tooth. It’s strong, sturdy, and fixed in place. It can be designed to look like your natural teeth so that it’s not obvious that it’s fake.

How many types of dental implants are there?

There are three main types of implants; these are: all-on-four implants, single implants, and multiple implants. The type of implants that you will need will depend on your specific needs and dental health.

Did you know that a single dental implant can support one or multiple teeth? If you are replacing more than one tooth, you don’t necessarily need to have one implant per tooth, the amount of implants needed will depend on the strength of your jaw in each area. For this, an all-on-four procedure would probably be best. This is where four implants are fitted, and then an arch of teeth for the top or bottom of your mouth is fitted to them. Another option is to have a multiple implant fitted that will support two or more teeth. This is ideal is a couple of teeth need replacing but the surrounding teeth and gums are healthy.

The type of procedure that you choose to undergo will depend on your budget and the type of treatment that would best suit your specific dental needs.

If you have dental issues that are impacting your quality of life and can’t seem to find a suitable solution, dental implants could be the answer. If you’re missing teeth and are unable to get on with dentures, then undergoing dental implant treatment could be the right choice for you. Aside from the appeal in terms of aesthetics – dental implants can allow you to have prosthetic teeth that look and feel real – a lot of people considering undergoing dental implant treatment focus on the health benefits of implants.

The fact is that as well as approving aesthetic appeal, dental implants also come with certain health benefits. For instance, did you know that undergoing dental implant treatment can help to prevent bone loss from your jaw? When a tooth is lost, erosion of bone in the affected area begins. This can lead to the loss of more teeth, can cause the face to look sunken, or can alter the shape of the face and facial features. However, if dental implants are fitted that integrate with the bone, they can keep the jawline from deteriorating, preventing bone loss as well as further tooth loss. This keeps the facial structure in check, keeps patients’ smiles looking good, and boosts confidence, as well as leading to better oral health.

As well as improving oral health, undergoing a dental implant procedure can also improve your overall health. With a set of fully functioning, strong, sturdy teeth in place, people who previously lived off of soft foods can once again expand their diets. The foods that they couldn’t eat before, such as hard fruits, certain meats, and nuts, can be brought back into their diets, giving their health a boost.

If you’re considering having dental implants fitted, it’s also important to take into account the longevity of them, compared to other options, such as dentures. When properly taken care of and maintained, dental implants can last an entire lifetime. This makes them one of the best options when it comes to long-term tooth replacement, both in terms of cost and convenience.

These aren’t the only advantages of undergoing dental implant treatment, there are plenty of other benefits, as well. Compared to dentures, they are a much better option as they won’t slip or move as you eat or smile, plus there’s no need for special cleaners or adhesives. Compared to bridge work, dental implants tend to be a better option as they don’t require other healthy teeth to be filed down. Then there’s the fact that in the long-term, dental implants have a 95% success rate.

There’s no doubt about it; dental implants are a fantastic solution for replacing missing teeth. To learn more about the dental implant procedure and the benefits of undergoing dental implant treatment, book a free consultation with a member of our skilled and experienced dental team. The majority of dental implant patients say that they wished they’d undergone it sooner, as having implants has had such a positive impact on their lives.

What is “All-on-Four”?

It’s time to smile again thanks to all-on-four implants

A lot of people don’t realize it, but just four implants can be used to replace all of the teeth at the top or bottom of your mouth. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, replacing the entire top or bottom row of teeth with implants couldn’t be easier, more convenient, or most cost-effective.

Believe it or not, the loss of teeth is extremely common among adults of all ages, but particularly older adults. In the US alone, more than 35 million people are missing all of their lower or upper teeth, with many millions more missing one or two teeth. Instead of living with the discomfort or dentures or trying to get by with missing teeth, many people are now opting to undergo dental implant treatment. For people missing a whole set of teeth, the best option tends to be something called “all-on-four” dental implant treatment.

All-on-four: Four dental implants, one full arch of teeth

To understand how this innovative form of dental implant treatment works, first you need to understand what a dental implant is and how it works. A dental implant is a small screw made of titanium that is fitted into the hole where the tooth root would be and is attached to the jaw bone. This screw then becomes part of the jaw as the bone cells grow around it, holding it firmly in place. When it comes to inserting the implant, a minor surgical treatment is required, which can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Once the implant has been fitted, a crown is attached to it, creating a realistic-looking prosthetic tooth. This can be shaped and colored to match your natural teeth, so no one needs to know that you have prosthetic teeth.

The part that’s really interesting is that you don’t need one dental implant for each missing tooth. Instead, all you need is four well-placed implants. Whether it’s the top or the bottom of your mouth that needs implants, all you will need is four screws, and then your beautiful smile can be fully restored. Because each implant will be made of titanium, the living bone will fuse to it, allowing your implants to function as natural teeth would do. Over time, the dental implants become part of the jawbone and act as a strong and long-lasting anchor for the new teeth.

As well as ensuring that your prosthetic teeth are firmly held in place, the fusion of the bone and titanium is also important for another reason, and that’s that it prevents bone erosion from occurring, causing damage to the jaw. Preventing bone loss is important as otherwise, the facial features would begin to appear sunken, changing the shape of the jawline and face, causing you to look older and less youthful. However, by undergoing dental implant treatment, you can prevent this problem from occurring as bone loss from the jaw won’t occur, as there will be plenty of support from the implants that are in place.

Is it possible to get a beautiful new smile in just one day?

Yes, it is possible to get a gorgeous new smile that you can be proud of in just one day. By combining the smart technology of the all-on-four treatment option with the skill and experience of our specialist dental implant teams, we at Arthur Glosman DDS have developed a method of giving most of our patients a new smile in just one day. This helps to reduce treatment prices, makes undergoing a dental implant procedure more convenient, and reduces stress and anxiety that many patients feel in the lead up to undergoing treatment.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we take an all-inclusive approach to dental implant treatment and believe that for people who are missing the majority of their teeth it is the best option. Here’s why we believe the all-in-one approach is the very best option for our patients:

The team of doctors, lab technicians, and highly specialized equipment are all located in one facility, so there’s no need to go from appointment to appointment or treatment center to treatment center.

All-on-four dental implants can be placed in your mouth, along with the arches of prosthetic teeth, while you are sedated or under local anesthesia, so the treatment should be totally pain-free.

You will leave our specialist treatment facility with a set of beautiful prosthetic teeth that not only look and feel like natural teeth but function like them too. However, these are only temporary teeth, your smile will look great, you will feel great, but they will have to be replaced with permanent prosthetics a few months later. You see, it takes time for dental implants to heal properly and fuse to the jawbone. If you don’t allow your implants to heal and fuse properly, you will suffer from all sorts of problems. So until your implants have healed, you will need to live with temporary prosthetics and eat mainly soft foods. Then, once your permanent prosthetics have been fitted, you can eat whatever you like.

How can you tell if all-on-four treatment is the best option for you?

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we understand that it can be difficult to decide which treatment option is best for you, that’s why we offer a free consultation for new patients. This is a no-obligation meeting with one of our team of specialists who will be able to explain more about the procedure, talk about what you can expect, and discuss the different prices with you. You will also have a 3D CT Scan of your mouth done for free, to allow your dentist to get a better idea of whether you need implants, and if you do need implants which would be more beneficial. Then, once it’s been determined what type of implants you need, then a treatment plan is put together that outlines the treatment process and cost of your treatment.

If you want to learn more about undergoing dental implant treatment using our unique all-inclusive approach, book your free consultation. The best way to determine whether dental implants are the best solution for you is to meet with a member of our specialist dental implant team.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of having to wear dentures for the rest of their lives, which puts them off of seeking help with their dental problems. However, what it’s important to realize is that dentures aren’t the only option when it comes to replacing lost teeth, there are other options to choose from. Today, more and more people are opting to have dental implant treatment instead of dentures as a solution to restoring their smile and ability to eat their favorite foods.

Dental implants offer enhanced ability to chew all types of foods, better oral health, improved general health, and higher levels of comfort and confidence. The fact is that the benefits of dental implants go much deeper than the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing. To help you get an idea of why dental implants are superior to dentures below is a comparison of the two treatment options.

While dental implants help to preserve the jawline, preventing bone erosion which leads to damage to the facial structure and speeds up the aging process, dentures decrease bone quality. They don’t support the jawline like implants do, and so can lead to deterioration of the jaw bone and damage to the facial structure.

Dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth do. They are strong and sturdy and don’t move when eating or smiling – it’s almost impossible to tell implants from natural teeth apart. Whereas, a lot of people who wear dentures report feeling that their teeth are fake and unnatural and that it’s obvious to other people, especially as dentures tend to slip and move around causing discomfort and embarrassment. Plus, dental implants don’t mean avoiding certain foods, whereas dentures do.

The great thing about dentures is that once they have been fitted, that’s it. There’s no need for creams or adhesives; it’s just as case of cleaning your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Whereas, dentures require creams and adhesives to keep them in place, they also demand the use of specialist cleaning products and solutions.

Implants offer a long-lasting solution to tooth loss, while dentures need to be replaced and realigned regularly.

Dentures might offer the less expensive option, but they are also the least effective. Dental implants look, feel, and act like natural teeth. They last for life, are easy to take care of, and allow you to eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about movement.

Comparing the cost of treatment

Dentures are the cheaper option, but once you add on the cost of cleaning solutions, adhesives, and replacements, the cost gets much higher. The initial cost might be lower than the price of dental implant treatment, but it’s clear that overall, dental implants are the more cost-effective option, particularly as they offer a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. When you take into account the fact that dentures need replacing every seven to 15 years, it’s easy to see why the majority of people opt for dental implants.

For anyone who wants a permanent solution to their missing teeth, dental implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. They might be an investment, but they’re one that is definitely worth making. The fact is that dentures can’t match the quality of implants, they aren’t as comfortable, they don’t give you the same levels of confidence and peace of mind, so it’s easy to see why so many people choose dental implants.

The innovative treatments that we at Arthur Glosman DDS have on offer mean that our all-in-one approach helps to make undergoing dental implant treatment more affordable. For patients that can’t pay in full, we offer a financing option, making the treatment more affordable and more accessible.

Dental implants can prevent bone loss

Of all the benefits that dental implants offer in comparison to dentures, perhaps the most significant is the fact that they can prevent bone erosion. From the moment a tooth is lost, the jaw bone in that area begins to erode, resulting in bone loss that can impact the alignment of the face and facial features. However, if a missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant, this helps to preserve the bone in the jaw, preventing erosion. A titanium implant replaces the root of the tooth and stimulates the jawbone, helping to ensure that bone density remains. This helps to prevent shrinkage of the jawbone, helping to keep the facial structure in tact which prevents early aging from occurring.

Implants fit, function, and look like natural teeth

In terms of the comfort and performance that they offer, dental implants far outweigh dentures. The problem with dentures is that not only do they slip and move about, but often they don’t look as realistic as dental implants. Dentures that move can cause discomfort and embarrassment, and can even irritate the mouth and gums causing soreness. There’s also denture maintenance and hygiene to think about. Using adhesive paste to stick dentures in place isn’t always easy and can be quite fiddly and difficult to get right, which is another reason dentures aren’t a popular choice. Then there’s the fact that keeping up with cleaning your dentures can be time-consuming and can become somewhat of a chore.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are much more like natural teeth. They fit properly, look more natural, and feel more natural. There’s no need to worry about irritation or soreness as they’re fitted to the implant that is in your gums, preventing movement and slipping. They’re much easier to care for than dentures as you simply clean implants like you would your natural teeth. You can eat all of your favorite foods and don’t need to worry about your teeth moving or causing you embarrassment. Many denture wearers feel embarrassed and unconfident about their teeth, whereas dental implants offer peace of mind and the freedom to eat what you like and smile without fear of your teeth moving.

To learn more about the benefits of dental implant treatment compared to the use of dentures, schedule a consultation at our specialist clinic. This comes with no obligation to commit to getting treatment; it’s just an opportunity for you to learn more about what undergoing treatment would involve, what the recovery period is like, and how much it would cost. It is also an opportunity to create a treatment plan so that you can see exactly how undergoing treatment would work.

Attending one of our free consultations is a good opportunity to find out more about what makes dental implants a better choice than dentures when it comes to replacing missing teeth as you can discuss the treatment in detail and get the answers that you need about what to expect.

Treating Periodontal Disease

What is Periodontal Disease?

One of the leading causes of tooth loss and gum disease in adults of all ages is periodontal disease. Ranging in severity from slight gum inflammation to a much more serious disease, periodontal disease can result in major oral damage to the bone and tissue in the mouth that helps to support the teeth, which is why tooth loss is so commonly linked to it.

The advanced form of periodontal disease is called periodontitis, which is when the area around the tooth becomes inflamed. This more serious form of the disease is a lot more common than you may realize and affects half of all Americans over the age of 30 or older – that equates to 64.7 million people. So if you’re suffering from periodontitis, then don’t worry because you’re not alone, it’s a lot more common than you may realize.

What exactly is periodontitis? If you’re wondering what periodontitis is, it’s where the gums begin to pull away from the teeth due to being inflamed and form pockets that become infected. These infections can be serious as they can lead to vast amount of bone loss, which means that the teeth become loose and will eventually fall out or have to be removed.

Although bacterial infections are the main cause of periodontal disease, the severity of the disease is impacted by a variety of factors. The main risk factors for periodontal disease include being a smoker, suffering from diabetes, taking certain medications, and susceptibility due to your genetic makeup, among others. Take smoking, for example; smokers have double the chance of developing periodontal disease compared to non-smokers. Of all the risk factors for periodontal disease, smoking is most probably the most significant one.

When it comes to the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, the symptoms and tell-tale signs include sore, swollen gums, gums that have turned bright red or purple, gums that bleed easily, soreness and pain when chewing. They also include noticeable spaces between your teeth that weren’t there before, bad breath that won’t go away, a bad taste in your mouth that you can’t get rid of, and loose teeth that move.

If you’re concerned that you may have periodontal disease or may be at risk of developing it because of your lifestyle choices or genetics, or because you have gingivitis (the first step towards developing periodontal disease), it’s best to see your dentist immediately. To determine whether you are suffering from periodontal disease, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums, take x-rays, and ask you a selection of health and lifestyle questions.

If the disease isn’t too severe, the damage may be able to be reversed. There are various treatment methods that dentists recommend, from root panning to oral antibiotics, so there’s a good chance that your dentist can help to rectify the problem and get your teeth and gums back to being healthy again. However, in some instances the damage will only get worse and the disease will progress, leading to the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth and the need for tooth replacement with dental implants or dentures.

Can dental implants help?

If you have lost teeth or have teeth that are extremely loose as a result of disease, dental implants could restore your beautiful smile, as well as giving your oral health a boost. A lack of teeth can make you feel unconfident and uncomfortable in public, which is why restoring your smile post-tooth loss is so important.

According to The American Dental Association, the development and use of dental implants is has been one of the most vital dental advancements over the past four decades, there has been nothing has significant in terms of progress. Not only are dental implants incredibly realistic as they can be customized in terms of size, shape, and color to ensure that a perfect match for your natural teeth is made, they also help to keep your jawline intact. Without dental implants being fitted, the bone would begin to erode away, leading to the face changing shape, which can impact the alignment of the facial features. This can cause serious self-esteem problems and can make leading an enjoyable life seem almost impossible.

Studies have shown that dental implants cause no exacerbated risks in terms of oral health – they don’t lead to a higher chance of developing gum disease, root canal problems, or tooth decay. This means that there’s no reason to worry about the risks associated with them, as they come with a very small level of risk. Plus, because dental implants can be safely placed in the body thanks to the fact they are made from titanium, they are able to integrate with the bone and prevent bone deterioration. This also means that prosthetic teeth look and feel more natural.

When it comes to whether you are viable for dental implants, it’s important to realize that each patient and their needs are unique. So it’s best to schedule a consultation at our specialist facility to allow our team to determine if undergoing dental implant treatment could be beneficial for you. During your initial meeting, you will have a 3D CT Scan done so that our highly specialist doctors can get a full view of your mouth, allowing them to evaluate you properly. To be able to determine if dental implants are a good fit for you, we need to be able to see the condition of your mouth and jawbone. You see, this needs to be strong enough and healthy enough to support implants.

If you’re a good candidate for dental implant treatment, we will put together a detailed treatment plan and a quote, so that you can decide whether you would like to go ahead with the procedure. This initial consultation is a good time to ask any questions that you have about undergoing dental implant treatment, so make sure to cover anything that you’re concerned about so that your doctor can put your mind at ease. At Arthur Glosman DDS, we understand that treatment can be nerve-wracking which is why we are always happy to answer any questions that our potential patients have, to help put them at ease and give them the peace of mind that they need.

Why Choose Dr. Glosman?

Usually, there are three phases to getting dental implant treatment; these are as follows:

  • Stage One: The implant is placed onto the jaw bone by a specialist surgeon. This is a procedure that requires local anesthesia or sedation, depending on the patient’s preference and what the doctor thinks would be best.
  • Stage Two: The implant begins to fuse to the jawbone, creating a strong and secure root for your new prosthetic teeth. Because dental implants are made from titanium which is compatible with the body, the bone cells will grow around the implant, making it as strong as a natural tooth root.
  • Stage Three: Once your implants have healed, your customized permanent prosthetic teeth will be fitted. In the meantime, you will be fitted with temporary prosthetics so that you can lead a normal life while your implants heal. To speed up the healing process, eating soft foods is recommended.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we are able to deal with all three parts of the treatment process in our all-in-one treatment center, whereas usually, you would have to make different appointments with different specialists. We are able to take care of everything for you, making undergoing treatment easier, most cost-effective, and less stressful.

Traditionally, undergoing dental implant treatment was a lengthy process as you had to see and work with a range of different specialists located at various facilities. However, thanks to our all-in-one treatment center, you can receive all of your treatment from start to finish in one facility from the same team of skilled and experienced specialists. This should help to make undergoing treatment less nerve-wracking and stressful, as you know that you will be working with the same team of professionals throughout your treatment.

When it comes to restoring an entire set of teeth, normally it can take weeks or even months. However, with our all-on-four procedure, a smile can be completely restored in one day, with one treatment. To replace an entire arch of teeth either on the top or bottom, just four implants are used. This makes treatment less invasive, less painful, and less time-consuming. Then there’s the fact that all patients get a fully functioning set of temporary teeth to wear until their permanent ones are ready a few months after undergoing treatment.

Traditionally, having an entire arch of teeth restored would be an incredibly time consuming and costly treatment that would take months to complete. However, thanks to our all-in-one specialist treatment center and highly skilled team, this is no longer the case. Even when you’re having multiple teeth restored, your treatment doesn’t have to take any longer than a day or be overly expensive.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients the very highest quality of treatment, which is why the majority of the time most of our treatments are completed within a day. We don’t make our patients wait for weeks for their prosthetic teeth, we fit them the day of the treatment so that each patient goes home with a set of fully functioning teeth.

Dental Implants Learning Center

Regardless of where you are on your dental implant treatment journey, you can find all of the most helpful information to help you move forward and take the next step on this page. Whether you are unsure if dental implants could help you or know that you want them, we can help.

Welcome to the Arthur Glosman DDS learning center, the place where you can find out everything that you need and want to know about undergoing dental implant treatment. If you’re unsure whether you want or need dental implants, this is the right place for you, as we have the answers that you need to move forward with your treatment. There are testimonials from real patients talking about their experience, as well as advice and information from our skilled team members.

Want to learn more about dental implants?

Learn what dental implants are, how they are fitted, and why they are becoming a more popular choice than dentures for people across the country. Understand what is involved in the dental implant procedure, why dental implants are beneficial, both in terms of oral health and overall health, and get to grips with the impact that implants can have on preventing bone loss from the jawline. A better understanding of how dental implants are beneficial is important for anyone considering getting them fitted, which is why learning more about dental implants and the procedure used to fit them is important.

What are Dental Implants?
How are Dental Implants Fitted?
Benefits of Dental Implants

Considering Arthur Glosman DDS for your dental implant treatment?

With a specialist team of doctors, dentists and lab technicians, as well as a range of state of the art technology, we at Arthur Glosman DDS- are able to make dental implant treatment the best experience possible for patients. Arthur Glosman DDS- is able to offer one day treatment that makes undergoing dental implant fitting less stressful, more convenient, and more affordable than undergoing traditional treatment at various clinics would be. The all-in-one approach has changed dental implant treatment, making it a much more appealing option for many people.

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Ready to meet with Dr. Glosman for a consultation?

The best way to determine whether dental implants are the right solution for you is to attend a free consultation at our specialist clinic. To get a better understanding of the dental implant process, what to expect, and what the results will be, attending a consultation with a member of the Arthur Glosman DDS- team is a good option. Making an appointment for a free consultation will allow you to get a better idea of what is involved in the dental implant fitting and how much the procedure will cost.

Ready to make a change and see a whole new you? Then undergoing dental implant treatment could be the answer to giving yourself your confidence back and having peace of mind that when you smile and eat, your teeth aren’t going to move or slip around like dentures do. The first step to making that change is booking a consultation with a member of our skilled and experienced team to discuss your options and learn more about undergoing treatment at our all-in-one facility.

About Arthur Glosman DDS

Arthur Glosman DDS is the number one service for replacing teeth, be it one, multiple or entire upper arch. With an expert level of care and service, Arthur Glosman DDS has become the ultimate option for patients in need of dental implants. This is the specific focus of Arthur Glosman DDS, and the main goal is to ensure the best level of quality for all clients.

Everything about Arthur Glosman DDS is based on the patient. Their needs, their views, their desires are all put as the top priority. At Arthur Glosman DDS, we believe that dental implants should be simple and pain-free for patients. That’s why we only hire expert doctors and use the best imaging equipment in a fully kitted out dental facility. We do this to ensure that our patients get this best level of care on the market.

Services Offered

Arthur Glosman DDS offers a number of services to their patients, specific to our company. 3D CT scans can be taken of the mouth and jaw to get a clear picture of the work needed. This allows our doctors to deliver an expert service that guarantees fantastic results.

Using technology like this, our team can remove an unhealthy or damaged tooth and replace it to a precise measurement. The entire process is completely pain-free thanks to attentive sedation administration.

At Arthur Glosman DDS we can even design and create stunning prosthetic teeth for replacements that look completely authentic. We will make sure that no one can tell the difference when they see your new smile.

Throughout the service, all patients receive full support from our friendly team. We can even offer financial advice and provide solutions on how to pay for the treatment you desire if necessary.

Benefits We Provide

Dental implants are a surgical procedure, and that’s why you want to make sure you have an expert team working on your treatment. At Arthur Glosman DDS, we have hired oral and maxillofacial surgeons that have trained in bone, muscle, skins and nerves to ensure the best results for our patients.

Working with Prosthodontists, our oral dentists will ensure that you have the perfect smile with your new dental implants. We combine the skills of these two teams to ensure that implants are fitted perfectly and look stunning. Due to their knowledge of the aesthetics of a smile and everything about oral health, our specialists will guarantee you get the new smile you want.

At Arthur Glosman DDS, we understand that dental implants are not just about oral health or even the state of your teeth. With new dental implants, we can give you a completely altered smile. This can have dramatic effects on everything about a patient’s life from how confident they feel to a fresh outlook.

Using nothing but the best technology and skilled doctors, we can achieve this rapidly and always guarantee quality. Dental implants are the number one solution for damaged or lost teeth. With Arthur Glosman DDS you will be using a service that aims for the best and continuously exceeds expectations. Let go of your embarrassment over dental health issues and get the treatment that you need.

Arthur Glosman DDS has emerged as the best dental implant service with world renowned treatment options that delight and dazzle patients. There are many reasons why Arthur Glosman DDS is the best option if you need dental implants. No matter whether you have missing teeth that you want to replace or damaged teeth that need removing, we can provide the best possible service.

Prioritising Quality

Arthur Glosman DDS have always prioritised quality in each service that we offer. By choosing the best doctors, Arthur Glosman DDS has been able to ensure that treatment plans are designed and carried about by an expert team. They prove their worth on a daily basis, providing the best level of care in the country.

The quality level is also reflected in the materials doctors use for implants and crowns. A range of durable materials are used for different treatments including medical grade titanium, zirconium and even porcelain. These materials guarantee that our dental implants look incredible and feel like genuine teeth against the tongue. We also strive to ensure that our implants have excellent levels of durability.

A New Smile In One Day

Dental implants have evolved thanks recently to new technology and expert treatment plans from skilled professionals. A few years ago, dental implants were a costly, time-consuming procedure that required multiple treatments over weeks or even months. It would begin with exploration, analysis and end with procedures that could be spread over several days.

This changed with the business model put forward by Arthur Glosman DDS. Rather than spreading treatments over a long period, everything could now be completed in just one day. After walking into the waiting room, qualified patients will be greeted by friendly members of staff. Once a full treatment plan has been discussed the patient is sedated, and the dental implant can be completed. In just a few hours the patient can walk out with new teeth that look incredible and no sign of any surgery.

Teeth are also fully functional, so there’s no painful wait or delay. This is one of the main reasons why patients choose Arthur Glosman DDS over other companies.

Priced To Value

With the all-in-one treatment approach from Arthur Glosman DDS, costs can be minimised, and there are fewer bills to pay. Instead, payment can be simplified into one bill for one treatment plan. When you use Arthur Glosman DDS, you will be presented with one fixed cost and no guess work involved. This means that the expense won’t have grown by the end of your treatment. Everything is included with all services and supplies part of the price. But that’s not the only advantage.

Using the latest tech, Arthur Glosman DDS is actually able to cut out certain steps such as bone grafting, making the service more efficient and less expensive. The procedure takes less time and patients will be delighted when they see how much cheaper the service is compared to other companies.

With thousands of happy patients receiving new smiles in the past 15 years, Arthur Glosman DDS has shown time and time again that we are the best in the business. Using our service you can put all your worries to rest and get the new smile you deserve.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants have increased in popularity lately for a number of key reasons. Thanks to new technology and medical advances, dental implants can be completed far more rapidly and still ensure a quality final result. Dental implants also provide a long term solution to issues with teeth. Patients who have lost teeth or damaged multiple teeth can get them replaced quickly, and they will last for years.

Advantages Of Dental Implants

In fact, many would argue that dental implants are even an upgrade compared with regular teeth. Due to the fact that they are artificial, these implants cannot develop cavities or cause any pain. As such, they are more durable than regular teeth.

Another advantage is that dental implants do not affect healthy teeth in the mouth or cause issues with the jaw. This is certainly not the case for removable dentures and fixed bridges. These can be damaging and could require regular maintenance. In contrast, dental implants, when properly cared for can outlive the life expectancy of natural teeth.

Unlike fixed bridges, dental implants are incredibly precise. Due to this, healthy teeth do not need to be removed to get them to fit in. Thus the integrity of the mouth can be maintained, and the number of surgeries can be reduced.

Surgeons For Dental Implants

Since dental implants are a form of surgery, you need a skilled surgeon to complete the procedure. Dr. Glosman is a trained surgeon, specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery. With training in the different issues with the skin, bones, and nerves he can ensure that you get the optimum final result.

There is plenty of research to show that dental implants are the best option when replacing teeth. A recent report also revealed that the treatment is more effective when performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Glosman.

It’s not difficult to understand why this is because dental implants can often involve complex treatments. For instance, implants include the process of osseointegration. This occurs when the titanium within the implant fuses with the jawline, and it will only happen if the implant is placed correctly. Precision is a key part of the procedure, and you need a surgeon like Dr. Glosman who has years of experience.

A procedure like this can take several months, and there’s no easy way to cut around it. That said, the duration of a procedure like this makes it far more durable. This means that the implant doesn’t move, jolt, feel uncomfortable or typically cause damage to the jawline. Instead, to the patient, it feels just like having natural teeth after the process has taken effect.

Dental implants have been used by surgeons for over twenty years. The majority of dental implants received by patients are still effective to this day and continue to operate like natural teeth. Patients who choose this option almost never regret their decision. They love the fact that their mouth is filled with teeth that look and feel natural, even if they were implanted by a top surgeon like Dr. Glosman years ago.

Dental Implant Surgery by Dr. Glosman – White Paper

According to Dr. Glosman and a wealth of medical professional, dental implants are now the best solution for replacing lost or broken teeth. The two other options, dentures, and fixed bridges have two issues that aren’t part of the equation of a dental implant surgery. Dentures can damage the bone of the jaw while fixed bridges often require the removal of other healthy teeth.

With a precise dental implant, new artificial teeth can be put in place without disrupting healthy teeth. Since the titanium grafts onto the jaw, there is little chance of the jawline being damaged and the assurance that the teeth will last. 95 percent of dental implants last over forty years with no sign of damage.

Dr. Glosman’s patients agree that the quality of life is greatly improved with a dental implant. Using a dental implant, people are able to eat what they typically would and maintain a regular diet. They can smile with confidence, feeling reassured that the teeth look as natural as the others in their mouth. There’s no disruption to speech and no pain due to an uncomfortable fitting. Thanks to the latest tech, these implants are fitted precisely, so they are just like any other teeth.

A New Choice For An Old Problem

Recent stats show that over sixty percent of adults lose teeth at some point through their life. And by seventy-four over a quarter of adults have lost all their natural teeth. Before the introduction of dental implants, an adult’s only option at this point would be dentures or fixed bridges. Aside from the already discussed issues, there are many other problems with these temporary solutions. This includes decay, gum disease and wear and tear.

One of the main issues with these solutions is that they don’t naturally form part of the mouth. Dental implants do because of the process used to secure them to the gum line.

Explaining The Dental Implant

There are three parts to the dental implant. The titanium implant is fused to the jawline over a few months. Above this, the abutment fits above the implant in a way that is natural. A crown is designed by a prosthodontist to fit on the abutment in a way that looks authentic and fits the rest of the mouth.

This is far more beneficial compared with a fixed bridge or removable as studies show that in thirty percent of cases, healthy teeth near these solutions start to fail.

Forming The Team

Dr. Glosman uses a mixture of the latest tech and innovative treatment to ensure the best result for his patients. Working with an OMS and a restorative dentist, the patient will be part of the team and ensure they get the perfect smile.

After an intense examination, a treatment plan is agreed upon, and work begins, but that’s not the end of the role for Dr. Glosman and his team. They will arrange regular checkups with the patient to ensure the best level of aftercare. This is crucial to guarantee that the implant continues to work as effectively as it should.

Is It The Right Choice For You?

Dental implants are almost universal and can be the best form of treatment for everyone with the possible exception of growing children. Many of Dr. Glosman patients lost their teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, and even smoking. All saw significant improvements due to the treatment provided. Thus, patients should not be deterred due to losing teeth under specific circumstances. There is almost always a dental implant solution to suit any need.

Are Dental Implants the Right Choice for You?

When you’re missing one or more teeth, you probably want to look into ways to replace them. Dental implants are one choice you can consider for a permanent solution to missing teeth. However, if you’ve read a bit about them, you might feel a little hesitant. They can sound like a lot of work, and you might be unsure about whether they’re right for you. When you’re making your decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons, and how dental implants can help to improve your quality of life. Think about the factors below to work out if dental implants are right for you.

Are You a Candidate

The first thing you need to know before getting dental implants is whether it’s possible for you to have one. They are not suitable for everyone, although dental experts will try their best even when there might be difficulties. To get a good understanding of who is eligible for dental implants, the dental implant surgery white paper from the AAOMS is a good document to read. It outlines who is a candidate for the surgery and what might need to be taken into consideration. You might need to be cautious if you have a medical condition, if you’re a smoker, or if you have had bone loss.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

Before you choose dental implants, you obviously want to know what the pros and cons are. There are lots of positives to choosing dental implants over other solutions for missing teeth. They’re a permanent solution, and they won’t slip or cause irritation like dentures. They also don’t require the use of adjacent teeth as anchors like bridges do. But some drawbacks to consider include the cost of having dental implants and the process of having them put in. Some people might be wary of the surgery required and the recovery time.

Getting Dental Implants

Understanding the process of having dental implant surgery is important before you decide if it’s right for you. Before you can have new teeth put in, titanium implants need to be put into your jaw so they can fuse with the bone. First, your jaw is prepared for surgery, which sometimes requires bone grafting. Metal posts are placed in your jaw, which then needs to heal, possibly for a few months. Before the new tooth goes on, an abutment is placed on the top of the metal implant. It usually takes at least three months to complete the process, and can be up to nine or more.

Caring for Dental Implants

When everything is healed, you need to care for your dental implants. You can look after your artificial teeth just the same as you would care for your natural ones. You need to keep up great dental hygiene and visit your dentist to make sure your implants are still in good condition. Making some lifestyle adjustments and being careful with your teeth can help to keep them in good condition too.

Dental implants may not be for everyone, but they are often the best choice to replace one or more teeth.

Choosing a Solution for a Missing Tooth

Many people end up losing a tooth or even more than one during their lifetime. It might occur due to poor dental health or perhaps because of an accident. When you lose a tooth, you need to decide what you’re going to do about it. Some people might choose not to replace it. However, if you do want to replace a missing tooth, there are several options you can choose from. Bridges, dentures, and dental implants all offer choices to replace a tooth so you can repair your smile. Choosing the right one for you requires some careful consideration.

Choosing Not to Replace a Tooth

Some people decide not to replace a tooth they have lost. It’s not essential and replacing a tooth might just be cosmetic. However, it does mean that you have to care for the exposed gum and it could mean you experience some discomfort. Your doctor might recommend that you replace a tooth to make eating more comfortable, protect adjacent teeth, and even help you to speak more clearly. Plus, you might want to improve the appearance of your teeth by getting a missing one replaced. Replacing a tooth isn’t always essential, but it still has a range of benefits.


If you’re thinking about which method to use to replace a tooth, a bridge might be the first one you consider. Bridges can be used to replace teeth by using adjacent teeth to support artificial ones. They’re usually use for single teeth or perhaps a couple of teeth next to each other. Crowns are placed on either side of the gap in your teeth, with a false tooth (or teeth) in the middle. Your other teeth need to be healthy to help hold the artificial ones in place. The bridge is fixed into place, so it’s not a removable option, unlike dentures.


A denture is another option, which works for single or multiple teeth. Unlike a bridge, a denture can be removed and cleaned. They are used to replace whole rows of teeth, but some people don’t realize they can be used for fewer teeth too. Before you get a denture, a mold of your mouth is taken to ensure it will fit comfortably. Most people use a denture adhesive to help them stay in place. Dentures can sometimes be uncomfortable if they rub or fit poorly. But a visit to your dentist can help to correct any problems.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another permanent option to replace a missing tooth. They use titanium implants that fuse to the jaw bone so an artificial tooth can be attached. They require surgery and can take a while to put in. But they have many advantages over other options, providing a solution that is most like a real tooth. You can read the dental implant surgery white paper from the AAOMS if you want to learn more about having dental implants and the benefits of having them.

You can talk to your dentist about the best choice for you if you want to replace a missing tooth.

Recovering from Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common condition that can cause damage to your teeth if left too long. In fact, many people might have gum disease and not realize it. It’s important that it is caught early so that it can be treated before it causes too much damage. In its later stages, gum disease can cause tooth loss and even bone loss and jaw problems. Gum disease starts with irritation, bleeding gums and other symptoms that might be easy to brush off. But it can progress to much worse, so it’s important to be aware of what you can do about it and how to treat it.

Who to See About Gum Disease

If you have gum disease or are at risk of developing it, your dentist should tell you. However, you don’t have to wait until your next scheduled visit to the dentist if you suspect you might have gum disease. If you experience symptoms like painful or swollen gums and bleeding when you brush your teeth, you should see your dentist. If the gum disease has advanced, you might also be referred to a periodontist. They specialize in identifying and treating gum disease (periodontal disease). They can diagnose and treat gum disease, including helping with solutions to replace missing teeth.

Catching Gum Disease Early

If you have gum disease and it is diagnosed early, it can be easier to treat. There is range of ways you can improve your oral health at home. Your dentist will recommend a range of ways to practice good oral hygiene, from brushing and flossing well to using mouthwash. There are also dental treatments that might help, such as having a scale and polish or root planing. You might also be given painkillers if you’re experiencing any pain from gum disease.

Treatment for More Advanced Gum Disease

Some people might need to take antibiotics, although this is only in a few circumstances. They can be used to treat acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis. Mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine might be prescribed too. In some severe cases of gum disease, a tooth might need to be removed. Before you have any surgery, your dentist or periodontist will discuss it with you. You might have antibiotics afterward to keep infection away.

Replacing Missing Teeth

If you lose any teeth through gum disease, you might want to explore your options for replacing them. There are several choices to explore that could work for you. You could choose to have a bridge, which involves putting a crown on the teeth either side of the artificial tooth. Another option is a denture, which can be removed. Dental implants are more permanent and require surgery, but they are a great choice for high quality. If you read the AAOMS dental implant surgery white paper, you can learn about the benefits of dental implants and what they consist of. You should think carefully about your options to decide which is right for you.

Gum disease can cause damage to your teeth if you don’t treat it early. But once it has been successfully treated, you can explore options for repairing any damage.

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