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Promote Your Inner and Outer Health with Advanced Dental Health + Beauty 

A healthy, beautiful smile is not only your best accessory; it’s a prime indicator of your internal health. Those who are blessed with the most gorgeous and vibrant smiles on the outside are typically the same people who are blessed with vibrant health on the inside.

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Glosman takes this information to heart, which is why he created a line of Advanced Dental Health + Beauty products designed to enhance both your outer smile and internal health.

What it is:

As the first dentist to fill the gap between dental care and beauty, Dr. Glosman introduced his Advanced Dental Health + Beauty products to let you achieve the highest levels of both. Available exclusively at our Beverly Hills dental spa, this luxe collection of products contains active oral care ingredients geared toward making you look and feel at the top of your game.

How it works:

Each product in Dr. Glosman’s Advanced Dental Health + Beauty line contributes to the overall appearance and health of your teeth, gums, lips and skin around your mouth.

The Advanced Dental Health + Beauty product line includes:

  • Toothpaste – fortified with whitening agents and fluoride
  • Mouthwash – also stocked with whitening agents and fluoride
  • Electric Toothbrush – to stimulate gums and provide a highly effective cleaning experience
  • On-the-Go Whitening Pen – for portable, on-the-spot whitening you can take anywhere
  • At-home Whitening Kit – for an advanced whitening solution, stocked with bleaching trays that can double as nightguards/sportsguards
  • Whitening Refills – to supply your whitening kit and keep it active
  • Lip Balm with SPF 30 – to protect and soften the lips (unisex) of men and women
  • Lip Enhancer Gloss with SPF 15 –for sealing in moisture and enhancing the natural color of your lips or lipsticks
  • Lip Area Rescue – designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the lips

Why you’d want it:

Your oral health care routine should be as important as your skin care routine. Studies have discovered that a beautiful smile is not only physically more attractive, but that it can actually be contagious. A sincere smile additionally releases endorphins known as the feel-good hormone.

All this means your healthy, vibrant smile can:

  • Make you feel good
  • Make you look good
  • Make others around you look and feel good as they unveil their own beautiful smiles

The sooner you incorporate Dr. Glosman’s Advanced Dental Health + Beauty line into your daily routine, the sooner you can set the smiles in motion that make the world a more beautiful place.

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