Beverly Hills Smile Makeover

Smile Design

People often ask how celebrities and movie stars achieve the perfect smile. Ordinarily, the teeth you see on the big screen are not their natural smiles as most celebrities and movie stars often visit a cosmetic dentist to sculpt a perfect smile. Smile design has become more significant in past years as dental technology progresses, and that people are becoming increasingly aware of the positive effects cosmetic dentistry has on overall their appearance and the way they are perceived by others.

Smile Design starts by mapping out a plan based on the symmetry of the face that works to correct any defects that prevent a patient from having a beautiful smile. Smile Designs aim to fix imperfections, disfigured teeth, chipped teeth, irregular placement and any dental problems or facial feature improvements that need to be addressed.

Improve Confidence

As we all know that an ounce of confidence can do wonders in a person’s life and having a perfect smile can greatly imprint the way people interact and converse. A radiant smile can attract the opposite sex or simply help a person to enjoy life in full self-confidence. Smile design as part of comprehensive smile makeovers by a top cosmetic dentist can help boost self-confidence of an individual with a perfectly planned smile.

A smile design covers all, or some, areas of cosmetic dentistry including Teeth Whitening, Non-metallic Fillings, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Lip Lifts, Dental Lifts and more. Dr. Arthur Glosman and his highly qualified team bring a wealth of experience and clinical expertise to smile designs to provide patients with a uniquely intuitive approach to dental care in Beverly Hills.

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