Five Dental Tips to Remember this Thanksgiving

mom and child in Fall weatherFive Dental Tips to Remember this Thanksgiving

The holidays can be incredibly tough on teeth. Thanksgiving not only means seeing your family; it usually means gathering around a sumptuous feast full of irresistible holiday food. However, The holidays can be incredibly tough on teeth, luckily there are things you can do to improve your oral hygiene practices during Thanksgiving.

Regularly brush your teeth–And don’t forget to floss as well. Though seemingly a simple everyday task (or inconvenience, depending on how you view oral hygiene practices), brushing and flossing your teeth regularly ensures that your teeth stay healthy for longer. While this won’t completely stop tooth decay, brushing and flossing reduces the effects of everyday wear and tear on teeth. Flossing is important to get rid of food particles, which can cause decay and other dental problems. Try to brush your teeth half an hour after eating, drink a lot of water, or chew some xylitol gum to get rid of food particles stuck to your teeth. If you’re going to be traveling and staying away from home overnight, remember to pack a toothbrush and floss.

Stick to the turkey, sweet potato, and vegetables–Fortunately, you won’t have to swear off the turkey to take care of your teeth. The protein in turkey has phosphorous, which, when mixed with calcium and vitamin D, strengthens teeth and bones. The sweet potatoes also contain vitamins A, C, and B6, all which are good for your teeth. However, make sure to cut- out the marshmallows and syrup. If you don’t plan to cook alternatively most Restaurants in Beverly Hills provide healthier Thanksgiving dishes than some of moms old favorites.

Also, vegetables served as sides such as carrots, snap peas, and Brussels sprouts are teeming in vitamins that can give you healthier gums. It’s still important to brush your teeth after eating even if your stick only to these foods. Particles from any kind of food can adversely affect your teeth.

healthy Thanksgiving plateStay away from the sugary sides–Sugar can do quite a number on your teeth. Cranberry sauce specifically is singularly damaging to teeth. However, if you can have fresh cranberry sauce with significantly less sugar, the flavonoids in cranberries can get rid of bacteria and prevent plaque buildup. Make sure to eat the cranberry sauce with crunchy foods that can pull the sticky sauce away from your teeth as you chew.

Any other sugary side dishes should be avoided. Sides and deserts like pecan pie and even mashed potatoes can your teeth’s worst nightmare. The sugar can stick to your teeth and foster bacteria that can eat through your teeth’s enamel. If you cannot resist these sugary foods, make sure to wash out your mouth with water frequently.

Visit your dentist before Thanksgiving–Remember that you may have existing dental problems that you are not yet aware of. These problems can be exacerbated by a Thanksgiving feast. It’s prudent to pay your dentist a visit before Thanksgiving to see how your teeth and gums are so you don’t get caught in a bind. This way, your dentist can let you know about the state and health of your teeth. The dentist can also give you advice on what you may or should not eat at Thanksgiving dinner.

turkeyHaving unhealthy or damaged teeth can take greatly away from your Thanksgiving experience. Oral health problems can get worse if you are not careful, and you eat whatever you want. Knowing the state of your teeth and whatever problems there might be can enable you to be more careful.

Visit your dentist after the holidays–Even if you take all the advice stated above and religiously follow them, it’s still a good idea to visit your dentist again after the holidays. If you had dental issues before chances are the holidays have made matters worse.

More importantly, your appointment can include a cleaning session. Even if you brush and floss regularly, some bacteria and plaque may be more stubborn than you can handle. A post-holiday checkup with your dentist and a cleaning is a great way to start the new year.

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