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Metal free teeth filling in Beverly Hills

Dr. Glosman encourages his clients to guard against the need for fillings by visiting his Beverly Hills office for regularly scheduled hygiene and periodontal visits. These visits allow Dr. Glosman to detect any bacteria or decay early enough to treat it before it becomes a damaging and costly problem.

The Dental Fillings That Looks Natural As Your Teeth

Dental Amalgam

Millions of people out there have so-called ‘silver’ fillings in their mouths. In reality, these dental fillings are known as ‘mercury amalgam’ fillings and are made from a combination of metals, called an amalgam. This combination might include silver, mercury, tin, and copper.  In recent years, the use of mercury in the mix has caused much outcry because of the toxicity of mercury as a substance.  The reason it is used in fillings because it helps make the mixture pliable.  This way it can be pressed into the teeth more easily and the process goes by more smoothly.

Replacing Old Silver Fillings

Resulting from fears of mercury toxicity and from older fillings wearing down over time, many people have started having their silver fillings replaced with new composite fillings that are the same color as teeth.  Opinions tend to vary regarding the toxicity of mercury in amalgam fillings, and you’ll find no shortage of information from both sides with just a little searching.

With new and sophisticated testing, it is possible to detect mercury vapors being released from silver fillings, but exact levels, or their effect on the human body, is still under evaluation. Testing is likely to continue, and if there ever is specific proof that the mercury in silver fillings causes damage to health, there will likely be a lot more people opting to have them removed.

Natural Looking Teeth 

Another reason that people like to have their silver fillings replaced with white ones is because they don’t like all that silver and dark in there whenever they smile.  Some people have accumulated many silver fillings over the years, and every time they smile or sometimes even talk, it is clearly visible.

Make sure you keep an eye on your amalgam fillings for any signs of cracks or breakage. There are some experts who believe removing the silver fillings can release even more mercury than keeping them in, so if you end up taking this route make sure you ask questions to get all the facts. Otherwise, have them replaced if they are damaged, or if you want all white when you smile.

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