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Root canal treatment in Beverly Hills

Our many comfort-enhancing amenities will  help ease you through any procedure. Or, try our Sedation Dentistry option and sleep soundly while Dr. Glosman carries out your treatment. You’ll “wake up” to find your problem areas restored!

Root Canal Procedure

Tooth Nerve Pain

When a tooth is experiencing pain or discomfort, often the only solution to relieving these symptoms is a root canal by Dr. Arthur Glosman in Beverly Hills.

When decay or damage to a tooth has reached to the pulp of fibrous tissue within the tooth, a tooth becomes diseased and opens to bacterial infection. To save your natural tooth, root canal therapy is required.

This involves removing the damaged enamel and the diseased portion of the tooth, then refilling the space, and capping it with a porcelain or ceramic crown to restore the strength of the tooth. Once your procedure is completed, you will have the full use of your tooth again and free from any discomfort or pain.

Because the comfort of his patients is always of first concern, we utilize only the latest in advanced dentistry techniques and equipment that will help to make this procedure quick, effective, and as comfortable as possible.

Keeping your teeth healthy from the inside out is vital. Dr. Glosman can help Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area clients to restore and retain even the most badly damaged teeth. Call us today for a consultation.

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