5 Best Luxury Hybrid Cars

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Volvo_S905 Best Luxury Hybrid Cars

The streets of Los Angeles are full of some of the best and most luxurious hybrid electric cars in the world. It all started with the Prius, but today there are so many other options we thought we would list some of our favorites. Here’s our list of the five best hybrid luxury cars and SUVs on the market today.

Volvo XC90 / S90 Hybrid T8 Excellence

The new seven-seat XC90 Excellence is a four-seat luxury limousine. It introduces two individual seats in the rear, as well as the front, so that everyone gets the space they need. The rear passengers have a powered recline, booster, lumbar and thigh support adjustment. The interior design provides an atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility for all the passengers. With the most elegant of the Scandinavian design, the elegance provided by Volvo is sure to make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity driving around Los Angeles.

The Excellence features a 235kW 2.0 liter, four-cylinder twin-charged gas engine, as well as the 65kW electric motor. This Plug-In Hybrid Twin Engine offers impressive power and an authoritative driving experience when it’s on all electric drive mode. The change from seven to four seats has greatly reduced the cargo, but the Bowers and Wilkins stereo (the same system that appeared on previous XC90) are still fantastic and provide a different kind of sound experiences.

Price: $106.000

PanameraPorsche Cayenne / Panamera S E-Hybrid

The Cayenne S Hybrid is the most innovative automobile in the Cayenne family. It has the same hybrid high-voltage battery, electric motor, and power electronics, and lithium-ion battery as its stablemate, the Panamera. The rest of the car does not differ much from the traditional Cayenne, with only a few exceptions: the battery uses the space normally used by the spare tire, and it has two additional buttons on the central console.

When the car starts, it’s always on E-Power mode by default, assuming there is enough charge on the battery. Charging time takes about three and a half hours, or 90 minutes if you have access to high-voltage feed. There is a pressure point on the accelerator pedal that provides the switch between all-electric modes, and driving powered by the combustion engine. Top speed is 151 mph, or 78 mph on all-electric mode so it still feels like a Porsche. It also features an innovative thermal management system and active air intake flaps.

Price: $ 78.700

udi_Q7_3.0Audi Q7 e-tron Quattro 

The Q7 e-tron does everything you could ask for in a premium SUV. It’s quiet, comfortable, and it possesses an impressive 34 miles electric range. This is the first Audi SUV to get an e-tron treatment, adding a 94kW electric motor to the 254 bhp 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine. While the car’s exterior may not be one of its strengths, it has one of the finest interiors in the market that will captivate you from the moment you sit in. Although it’s very similar to other Audi siblings in terms of design, some details add up to the beauty of this car, such as a different front grill and special 19-inch aluminum wheels.

It features a standard multimedia system MMI and a virtual cockpit that provides all necessary information about fuel consumption and electric range. The Q7 e-tron offers all the benefits of the internal-combustion engines, while increasing the value thanks to its hybrid drive train.

Price: $65.000

Lexus_GSLexus GS Hybrid

The Lexus GS Hybrid is one of the best values on the hybrid luxury market, and when looking for a luxury car with high fuel efficiency Lexus is usually in the conversation. With its many features, the GS gives you one of the best fuel economy to power ratios our of any car in its class. It has a V6 engine combined with two electric motors, boasting almost 340 horsepower. The interior is extremely comfortable but nothing special, however the GS does boast some of the best technology in the segment.

Price: $64.000

BMW_i3BMW i3 Hybrid

More efficient than many electric competitors, the i3 earns an estimated 137/111 mpg-equivalent city/highway. It has a range of 81 miles on fully charged battery, which is more than what most hybrid options have to offer.

The i3 interior is instantly attractive, featuring high-quality materials made mostly from recycled and sustainable sources. Both front and back seats are very comfortable and provide ample head and legroom for the size. Other features of i3 are the automatic climate control system, rear parking sensors and an iDrive infotainment system with navigation and a 6.5-inch display screen.

Price: $ 45.000 before incentives

What’s your favorite Hybrid luxury car on the streets of Beverly Hills?

Article by Arthur Glosman DDS

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