5 Family Friendly Activities in Beverly Hills

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Known for luxurious California living, Beverly Hills is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the world. With posh boutiques and trendy extravagant shops lining Rodeo Drive, one would think wouldn’t have many activities for children–not true! As extravagant and luxurious as Beverly Hills, being the home of many of the world’s biggest stars and well-known names, there are plenty of things to do in Beverly Hills with children in toe. Here are some of the things you can do to make your visit to Beverly memorable for the entire family.

Be Mystical at the Witch’s House Witch House Beverly Hills

Take your kids to the Spadena House also known as the Witch’s House and try to live out the adventures of Hansel and Gretel. Although this is not really a setting for the famous story but its interior does give you a look into what it is like to live in Hansel and Gretel’s world. The unique architecture of the Witch’s House should spark the imagination of your child and keep them interested while your checking out the neighborhood. While some say the house could be can be spooky for some kids, you will find a visit to this house sitting right in the middle of a quaint and serene neighborhood along Walden drive to be a fun way to spend an afternoon in Beverly Hills.

Indulge Your Sweet Cravings at Edelweiss Chocolates

Children love chocolate. Bring your child to the Edelweiss Chocolates and see their eyes grow wide with amazement at the wide assortment of handcrafted chocolates and candies are made in front of them. Adults know that Lucille Ball her loved Edelweiss and if you can ask for the owner of the shop to show you the conveyor belt to the back of the store, then you will be greeted with a life-sized poster of the Redhead, customer and chocolate-lover.

Take a Plunge at the Aqua Star Pool

At The Beverly Hilton, the Aqua Star is a favorite summer getaway for Hollywood celebrities either taking a dip at pool or indulging some of the swanky cocktails and world-class pupus at the famous Trader Vic’s. Go on a Thursday evening and you might get to toast some marshmallows with your kids’ poolside. Now, what’s a better way to end the day with your kids than to have a swim at the Aqua Star and relive the day’s stress with a roasted marshmallow by the poolside? Nothing.

Beverly Hills Activities with Children Tour Ride in History with the Beverly Hills Trolley

If you think only San Francisco has those iconic cable cars, think again. Beverly Hills Trolley provides an exciting ride through the different interesting places and points of interest in the city in a 40-minute guided tour. Here, you can join your children marvel at the contrast between a historic piece of transportation history amid a sea of Rolls Royce, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Paganis, and Aston Martins.

Splash and Play at Coldwater Canyon Park

A park like no other, the Coldwater Canyon Park has small river systems where kids can dip their feet and enjoy the refreshing feel of the cool water. Or they can always splash and play around several other water features scattered around the park amid a sea of lush green cover. You can spend the afternoon having a picnic in the shade while letting your kids play with other kids in the park’s play area. This is a welcome respite for many especially after a day or two splurging on the shops on Rodeo Drive.

Other notable places to consider: Franklin Canyon Park, Sooky Goldman Nature Center, Paley Center for Media, and Greystone Park and Mansion.

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