5 Holiday Oral Health Tips

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How To Care For Your Teeth During The Holidays


If you notice complications with your teeth prior to the holidays–for example, discomfort, pain, or chipping–don’t put it off until after the New Year. Visit your dentist right away.

Here are five holiday oral health tips to make sure you take proper care of your teeth for the rest of 2014:

  • Stay away from sweet soft drinks to protect your teeth (and health!). You can noticeably improve the health and look of your teeth by eliminating these particular drinks from your diet altogether. If you must indulge, clear soft drinks are the lesser of the two evils.
  • Don’t use your teeth as a tool. People sometimes use their teeth to do things like opening gifts, beer bottles, strip wire, cut scotch tape, crack nuts and more. This is terrible for your teeth and can lead to cracked teeth, root canals, crowns, teeth implants, and other costly dental procedures. Instead, dig out your old souvenir bottle opener from Cancun or ask Santa for a pair of scissors.
  • If you have an accident and your tooth gets knocked out, use milk to soak the tooth in and contact your emergency dental office as soon as possible. The same goes for a tooth that is severely cracked, so don’t crunch ice or hard candy either; you don’t want to have to dental implant surgery before this year’s holiday photo.
  • Check your gum line often. The holidays are full of sweets, hot beverages and other things that affect your overall oral health. If your gums are not healthy to begin with, these food items may lead to immediate problems. If you forget to look after your gums, a root canal may be in your New Year plans. If you develop pain from hot or cold, make sure to call your dentist immediately.
  • Stay away from “sticky” desserts. The holidays mean platters and boxes with caramels, brittles, dried fruit, taffy, toffee and other confections that can attack tooth enamel and promote decay. These foods are also known for pulling out fillings and harming other forms of dental work.

Postponing a visit to your dentist until after the New Year could lead to more serious issues that could have an impact on your festivities. In the end, you will save money and grief by taking care of your teeth before the fun begins. Happy Holidays!

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