Back-to-School Checklist for Beverly Hills Parents

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The Best Back-to-School Checklist for Beverly Hills Parents apple and book picture with text


Summer flew by, didn’t it? In Beverly Hills it’s back to packing lunches, checking backpacks for homework assignments, and shuttling kids to practice after school. Where does the time go?

If you’re like me back-to-school preparations, take place the weekend after the first day of school so we don’t find ourselves having to go back to the store for a protractor or a ream of printer pager.

Here is a handy checklist for the to help Beverly Hills area parents prepare for the upcoming school year

Go Through Your Closets

Before you run out and buy new notebooks, look through your child’s old school supplies for ones that can be recycled for this year. You would be surprised how repurposing a lightly used spiral notebook or sharpening a few pencils can add up to significant savings overtime.

Get Dates on Your Calendar Now

You don’t want to miss back-to-school night, teacher conferences or even the first day of school. Mark the important dates on your calendar immediately. Here’s a handy guide for Beverly Hills Unified:

Beverly Hills Unified School District Calendar 2015-2016

Prepare for Early Wakeups

Bedtimes often slide back during the summer, but don’t let that habit continue because it still feels like summer. Start putting your kids to bed early, even on the weekends or until a good pattern is set.

Bookmark Relevant Websites

Are your kids attending new schools this year? Make sure you have their schools’ websites and social media pages bookmarked for quick reference. Here are a few helpful websites for Beverly Hills:



RSS News Feed: http://www.bhusd.org/apps/news/news_rss.jsp

Collect the Forms

Your kids will be bringing home lots of forms from school, whether they include doctor’s permissions for sports to basic information their teachers need for the first day. Make a file folder for children, and train them to put their important papers there as soon as they get home from school.

Schedule Doctor and Dentist Visits

Make sure to get your kids’ medical needs taken care of before school starts. Schedule physicals and bi-annual teeth cleanings in the days you have left. If you follow these tips, going back to school will be a breeze for you and your kids.

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