Best Children Friendly Hiking Trails Around Beverly Hills

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Best Children Friendly Hiking Trails Around Beverly Hills

Runyon Canyon Park Top of the world

Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is a fantastic place for walking and exploring with children, as well as it is one of the most popular hiking spots in LA. Managed by the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Runyon Canyon Park is composed by 160 acres and is situated at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains, very close to residential areas of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills. Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy purchased it in 1984 for use as a city park.

If you are setting Runyon Canyon Park as a meeting point makes sure you specify which entrance, since there are five ways to enter, with the most popular being the Fuller Gate at the bottom of the park.

Three different routes are available to hike Runyon Canyon from the Fuller Gate, divided in “easy,” “medium” or “difficult which is why this trail is suitable for families of all ages. The highest peak of the park is named Indian Rock.

Due to the fact that it stayed closed for a 6-month period in 2016, rattlesnakes and coyotes have come back to the park to always be carful where you walk. Dogs are allowed unleashed in 90 of the 160 acres of the park, not as in most of the nearby parks which dogs are only allowed on leash, or not allowed at all.

Franklin Canyon Park,Franklin Canyon Park

This is the perfect place for children to watch birds and a wide variety of wildlife and plants. Located near Benedict Canyon at the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains, Franklin Canyon is a public park composed by 605 acres. It features a large water feature and lots of long hiking trails.

The beginnings of the park go back to 1914, when the Los Angeles Department of Water, and Power built a reservoir there. It was initially used as a summer retreat by the oil baron Edward Doheny and his family who built the Spanish style home situated at lower Franklin Canyon in 1935.

Franklin Canyon Park is a dream for bird-watching activities, with lots of migrating birds, and seven species of native hawks. A variety of wildlife can be found at the park, such as squirrels, rabbits, frogs, snakes, and coyotes. Being part of the Pacific Flyaway, resident bird species share space with migrants from all over the world.

Hiking is one of the main activities performed every day at the Park, with a lot of trails around the reservoir. Although very few of them are marked, the loops are pretty easy to follow. The staff at the Park regularly lead scheduled hikes, so check their website often.

The park is clean and well maintained. Taking Coldwater Canyon Drive as the road in and out the park is recommended, since the rest are very narrow. Overcrowding can be a problem, since many kids and families come to the Park during the weekends. So be prepared to face large crowds if you plan on going on a weekend.

3721529218_bcbe81c6ab_bColdwater Canyon Park

This park might be the perfect option if you’re looking for a quieter place to take your children to. Although more than 70,000 people visit Coldwater Canyon Park every year, it is still considered a sanctuary for nature and for children particularly who learn to love the natural world around them at this park.

Coldwater Canyon Park has two play areas, a water feature and shaded arbor. It also has two small-designated picnic areas, which may be reserved for use seasonally.

The entrance to the park is free and the loop around is about 3 miles. Overcrowding is not a problem on this park, since it’s useless not packed, making it good for peacefulness and tranquility.

If you get to the top, you will be rewarded with some great views of the valley. This park is an easy hike for beginners, as the trails offer a good balance of steep hills and easy walking. There is hybrid car Parking at the bottom of the hill.

Wilacre Park

Wilacre Park is one of the best hiking trails for kids because. Situated in the Hollywood Hills, this short 3-mile loop is centrally located and easily accessed from Hollywood and Studio City. This trail is a pleasant alternative to the more popular Hollywood hikes like Runyon Canyon, while it’s also slightly easier than those. Despite the fact that it’s an easy trail, a gradual but noticeable elevation gain is present at the beginning of the trail (about 270 feet gained on the first half mile).

Though the park is labeled as Wilacre Park in most maps, it is commonly known as Fryman Canyon. The parking can be tough, but since this is a quick hike, people are leaving constantly, so a good idea is to wait near the sign inside the lot and look for people leaving.

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