Best Holiday Light Displays Around Los Angeles

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Best Holiday Light Displays Around Los Angeles

Viewing Holiday lights is a great activity for the people of all ages. With all the incredible places to view Holiday lights around Los Angeles we thought we would put together a list of some of our favorites.

Rodeo Drive

The Rodeo Drive Holiday Lighting Ceremony is an annual event that takes place along the length of Rodeo Drive. It’s an amazing, highly entertaining event that draws crowds not just from Beverly Hills but also from a variety of other areas. There are musical performances, light shows, and even an appearance by Santa. Grab a cup of cocoa or coffee, stroll down Rodeo Drive, and marvel at Rodeo Drive’s bright transformation. If you missed the ceremony you can still see these festive decorations, and the majestic sight of all the palm trees along Rodeo Drive lighted up with hundreds of little lights until the new year.

LA Zoo Lights

In 2014, the LA Zoo Lights came on for the first time. This debut drew nearly 200,000 spectators, giving Los Angeles its newest holiday tradition. We can expect the LA Zoo to put on a bigger and better display this year after a wildly successful showing these past two years. You can walk through light tunnels and marvel at gigantic animal statues lit from within. You can take a picture with Santa and see actual live reindeer. You can also go on a walking tour and see the Zoo as it has not been year all year.

Venice CanalsGetty Center 

Update: Getty is currently closed due to nearby wildfires fires. Though the Getty Center is primarily a museum, every year it transforms its gardens into one of the best sights around Los Angeles. The museum will stay open until 9pm on Saturdays so visitors can walk around and enjoy the decorations and displays. There are rivulets of light that stream through the leaves of trees, and visitors can walk around with cups of free apple cider. Starting at 5:30pm, visitors view the lights and take photos to share the experience your friends on social media.

Venice Canals

These canals are emblematic of LA life, and during the holiday season, their bridges are lit up by hundreds of lights. If you take a walk down Dell Avenue, you’ll find yourself in an almost dreamy, fairy tale-like part of town. There’s definitely something romantic and whimsical about the way the neighborhood looks after dark, illuminated by the lights decorating the bridges. The bridges are decorated in different colors of lights, designs, and themes. Some are simple, while some are ostentatious which gives this part of Venice its charm.

Christmas lights on a house in LACandy Cane Lane

At any other time of the year, this part of Woodland Hills is an ordinary neighborhood. At Holiday time the area turns into Candy Cane Lane, and it’s exactly as whimsical as the name suggests. Since 1952, the homeowners in the area have been doing their best to put on the most amazing Holiday decorations every year. Santa comes to visit to pose for pictures, and even the elves have been known to pop in. It’s best to drive through the neighborhood before 10pm on weeknights and 11pm on weekdays, with your headlights dimmed so you can fully enjoy the lights.

Christmas tree lane Christmas Tree Lane

While palm trees may be a typical sight in and around LA there’s no shortage of coniferous trees during the holiday season. Christmas Tree Lane is a six-block mile-long stretch in Altadena lined with decorated and brilliantly lit cedar Christmas trees. Everything is lit up on the second Saturday of December, and driving through the trees is almost magical. The lighting ceremony is one of the city’s oldest holiday traditions, having begun almost a hundred years ago, and the lane was even declared to be a historical landmark in 1990.

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade (Orange County)

If your holiday festivities take you to Orange County you have to stop in Newport Beach for one of OC’s most famous holiday traditions: The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. One of the best things about spending the holidays in Southern California is the absence of icy weather. This means that residents and visitors can stand comfortably at the marina at night to watch their local Christmas boat parades in comfort. The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade has been going on for over a hundred years, and it has always been majestic to amazing to watch. There are over a hundred elegantly decorated boats floating serenely over the water for your viewing pleasure.

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