Best and Worst Celebrity Smiles In Hollywood

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Tom Cruise teeth

Who Has the Best and Worst Celebrity Smiles In Hollywood

It should come as no surprise that those “perfect” smiles celebrities so casually flash on red carpets around the world are almost always the result of cosmetic dental treatment. But even the Hollywood elite get it wrong sometimes. Read on to learn about some of the best and worst celebrity dental treatments in Hollywood, including a few who may surprise you!

Who Got it Right?

Zac Efron: Simply search “Zac Efron teeth before and after” in your internet browser to see the transformative upgrade his dentist provided.

Tom Cruise: The world-famous action movie star may once have been named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” but they obviously didn’t check out the photos from his younger days, where his teeth looked more appropriate for the set of “Deliverance” than plastered on the cover of magazines across the globe.

Hillary Duff: A perfect example of the age-old concept that less is more. Her cosmetic dental work had the effect of making her teeth somewhat whiter and slightly rounder—an effect so natural that only a trained eye could spot that she had work done, to begin with.

Hilary Duff TeethGeorge Clooney: A great example of the fact that sometimes cosmetic dentistry is a medical necessity. Clooney has been candid about the fact that he grinds his teeth as a result of stress (and with twin toddlers, he has plenty of stress!), requiring veneers in order to prevent further erosion of his teeth and the numerous detrimental effects that can have on oral health.

Morgan Freeman: If they made a documentary about celebrity cosmetic dental treatment, who would narrate it? Answer: Freeman, who could also discuss the benefits of whitening and bonding to give teeth a younger, healthier appearance.

Demi Moore: Another example of the use of veneers to make teeth look like slighter whiter and straighter versions of their natural selves. This is the look to go for every time.

Cheryl Cole: This UK television personality openly discusses having veneers fitted. They are so natural you can’t even tell.

Gary Busey teethWho Got it Wrong?

Rylan Clark-Neale: This UK television presenter looks almost inhuman after veneers that are oversized and unnaturally white. There is such as thing as too much of a good thing.

Katie Price: Another example of veneers that are too white. Her smile appears exaggerated and artificial, and the shape is too boxy for the size of her mouth.

Cher Lloyd: A pattern is beginning to show itself: celebrities who get veneers that are too large and too white have smiles that look unnatural and artificial.

Gary Busey: If there were a gold medal for bad celebrity dental work, Busey would win every time. Busey’s mouth doesn’t look like it actually belongs to a human. Beyond simply being “too large,” Busey’s veneers are so pronounced as to make one wonder whether they are intentionally oversized. Internet rumors abound that this may, in fact, have a grain of truth to it; to paraphrase a popular 90’s tv show, the tooth is out there!

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