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Beverly Hills Dentists Can Do It All

Patients ask me continually: Should I see a general dentist and a cosmetic dentist or just one? The short answer: yes and no.

People visit the dentist for many reasons, but some of the most common are teeth cleaning, root canals, whitening, bleeding gums, and especially in Los Angeles, people of all ages are now seeking cosmetic treatments, all for various reasons. Experienced dentists can typically perform most dental services, but dentists specializing in cosmetic treatments can do it all.

Today’s best dentists can perform advanced procedures such as full mouth dental implants, full mouth porcelain veneers, Lip Lifts, Invisalign, and possess the experience to perform these procedures effectively. This doesn’t imply that cosmetic dentists are too good to clean teeth; I do it all the time! Most cosmetic dentists, especially in Beverly Hills, have the skills and techniques required to provide anyone with the smile they’ve always wanted no matter what it takes.

Dentistry For The Entire Family

Like many cosmetic procedures, cosmetic dentistry is a trickle-down practice, meaning it was perceived to be only for the rich and famous. This might have been true at one point, but as more and more people sought these procedures, the procedures became less expensive, so everyday folks can take advantage of cosmetic dental actions. It’s not uncommon for people to have their teeth whitened by a dentist prior to a wedding or other big event, or a teenager needing an implant after a skateboard accident. People who once believed they or their children would have to suffer pain and social stigma because of missing teeth or the discomfort of a temporary tooth found dental implants to be the perfect solution.

Seeing A Dentist

So, why should you see a dentist? You should see a dentist for preventive care, but patients can also seek dental care for change how teeth look in relation to facial features–patients should definitely see an experienced cosmetic dentist when having trouble eating or speaking because of pain. The truth is, today’s general dentists and cosmetic dentists are both very versatile in how they can help you and your family with anything related to oral health.

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