Beverly Hills Famous Haunted Houses

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Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills

Greystone Mansion

Beverly Hills Famous Haunted Houses

Nearly all the well-known haunted houses in Beverly Hills were once owned by the city’s rich and famous elite. Hollywood’s heyday was not without its share of scandals, murders, suicides, and secrets. Beverly Hills, where many stars over the course of history have gravitated, has more than its fair share of haunted and interesting homes and places.

Greystone Mansion

This grand old historic place was built in 1928 as a gift from wealthy oil magnate Edward Doheny to his son, Ned Doheny, and Ned’s young family. What would have been a long and happy life for Ned in this vast estate was cut short one evening, just months after his family moved in. Ned died in the house with his secretary, Hugh Plunket, in what was ruled to be a murder-suicide. Rumors abound that the ghosts of Ned and Hugh aimlessly roam the halls of this mansion to this day.

Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden

Not technically a home although still creepy, the alleged hauntings in Boris Karloff’s Rose Garden are oddly heartwarming. Boris Karloff was an actor who made a name for himself in Hollywood by starring in numerous horror films. When he wasn’t terrorizing people on the silver screen, he was quite a proficient gardener. His gardens were so beautiful and well-cultivated that his friends wanted to make them their final resting place. Boris agreed to have his friends’ ashes spread over his gardens but according to numerous reports, the presence of Boris’s friends can is strongly felt in the gardens, though it is never malevolent and always peaceful.

Lucille Ball’s House

Lucille Ball, Queen of Comedy, died on April 26, 1989, of a ruptured aorta. However, this hasn’t stopped her from visiting the house she died in, her relatives on the east coast say they can also fond her at the studio where “I Love Lucy” was filmed. It has been reported that her apparition has been seen numerous times and her perfume can be smelled in her old boudoir and luxurious closet space.  In life, Lucille Ball was known to be tough and determined woman so it’s unsurprising that even death hasn’t stopped her from being the busy woman she was.

Lucille Ball House haunted house beverly hills

Lucille Ball’s House

The Pickfair Estate

1920s celebrity power couple Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks bought an 18-acre estate in Beverly Hills in 1919. The 22-room mansion was the host to many showbiz and literary luminaries at the time, from Charlie Chaplin to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Legend has it that the mansion was haunted by the ghost of a servant woman and, eventually, Mary Pickford herself.

The estate has changed hands repeatedly while ghostly sightings rose. Two other apparitions have been reported. Eventually; however, the historic mansion was torn down. Time will tell whether its ghosts have also been put to rest.

Virginia Hill’s House

Legendary Hollywood gangster Bugsy Siegel was whacked in his girlfriend Virginia Hill’s house on June 20, 1947. He was shot nine times through a window, with two bullets finding their way to his head. Fraudulent activity involving the construction of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino was probably the motive for this classic gangland hit. The apparition of Bugsy Siegel was sighted in Viginia Hill’s house, seemingly ducking for cover from bullets. However, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the cause of Bugsy Siegel’s untimely and violent demise, have been the site of most of his hauntings.

Haunted Beverly Hills House

Virginia Hill Moving To A New Home After Bugsy Siegel Death

George Reeves’ House

The death of George Reeves was ruled to be a suicide, though whispers abound that he was murdered. The actor who once played Superman, died on June 16, 1959, just days before his wedding to Lenore Lemmon. Reports say that after an argument with his fiance, George went upstairs and shot himself. However, strange and incongruous findings in the scene cast doubt on the final ruling of suicide.

Since then, strange noises and the smell of gunpowder have been reported in the room where he died. Dogs also refuse to enter certain rooms, and his apparition has even been scene standing at the foot of beds while wearing his Superman costume.

Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle

Located at the corners of N. Linden Dr. and N. Whittier Dr. this part of Beverly Hills was so named because of the high number of unfortunate incidents that took place here. Whatever is going on in this place, it seems to go way beyond simple hauntings by spirits who have not yet moved on. Several accidents and near-death experiences have occurred. When mediums and psychics visit this place, they report feelings and visions of suffering, pain, anger, and confusion. Whatever is happening here, this is definitely one of the most haunted places in greater Los Angeles.

Article by Arthur Glosman DDS

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