Benefits of Working with Dr. Glosman for Dental Implants

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single dental implant The Benefits of Working with Dr. Glosman for Dental Implants 

Arthur Glosman DDS was founded on the principle that dental implant procedures could be improved and made more comfortable and convenient for patients who need to fix a missing tooth. Using an innovative approach to teeth implants has meant that Dr. Glosman and his skilled team perform a high number of these treatments each year compared to many other dentists in Beverly Hills. The high level of experience, skill, and attention to detail have given thousands of patients the confidence to undergo dental implant treatments to improve their quality of life by allowing them to eat and smile with confidence.

One Team

Dr. Glosman and his team strive to ensure that high-quality treatments are delivered to every patient. Each team member works closely with one another, ensuring the highest quality of care possible. Dr. Glosman believes that when the dentist is also the oral surgeon and the technician, a higher level of patient care is offered, improving the experience that patients have.

This ensures the end-result meets the high standards of quality patients deserve. We believe that having a highly skilled team that is specialized in this form of cosmetic dentistry is a key strength that our facility offers.

dental implant patient from Beverly Hills One Price

When undergoing dental implant treatment at other facilities, many patients are unsure of the price of their treatment before having the procedure. This is because most dental treatment facilities use a range of specialists and offices, where the price goes up and up with each different hand it touches. At Arthur Glosman DDS, our highly skilled team all work on site that means that we can give one price for your treatment from start to finish. This means that there are no hidden costs added onto your bill, you will only pay the price that was agreed at your free initial consultation, and no more than that.

One Location

Normally, undergoing dental implant treatment means making several visits to various specialists, each of which is located in a different location. The prosthetic teeth, both the temporary and permanent ones, are created off-site in a specialist lab, and then shipped back to the facility. However, at Arthur Glosman DDS, we have created one facility that allows us to do everything on site, from fitting dental implants to making adjustments to the shape and size of prosthetic teeth. This means that from start to finish, your entire treatment will be performed under one roof, in one specialist center.

For more information about dental implants in Los Angeles please contact the office of Arthur Glosman DDS.

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