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Dental Implants are the closest to a natural tooth foundation without using the patient’s actual teeth. Dental Implants also help maintain ideal oral hygiene while improving chewing, bite pressure, and look-and-feel, as well as restoring confidence and quality-of-life by improving embarrassing smile imperfections.

A permanent dental implant can also be associated with a surgical component to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, dentures, or to act as an anchor for orthodontics. While some implants connect with other components to provide a function, a dental implant can also be used as a standalone solution for missing teeth.

dental implants before and after shotCommon qualities of dental implants include:

  • Filling an immediate gap or missing tooth
  • Improving look and feel of natural teeth
  • Never developing cavities, decay, or requiring root canals
  • Biocompatible/Low environmental footprint
  • Preventing bone loss by maintaining existing facial contours
  • Preserving existing jawbone and gum tissue
  • Requiring no removal of bordering teeth structure
  • Maximizing mouth function
  • Helping to maintain ideal hygiene

Modern Implant Dentistry

Modern dental implants are typically made from a combination of materials such as titanium, and ceramics to form the perfect bone integration and to hinder reactions commonly found from most other materials. Today’s dental implants performed by a top cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Glosman in Beverly Hills are much different from older implants that would cause irritation or frustration, and have become the perfect solution for missing teeth and oral hygiene.

The prerequisites to long-term success of modern dental implants are a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy bones and gums. Depending on the patient, pre-prosthetic procedures may also be required to reconstruct the ideal foundation of bone and gums. Whether you have implant, rejuvenation or cosmetic needs, Dr. Arthur Glosman will deliver the finest dental health to every aspect of your smile, including teeth, gums, muscles, bones and lips, in as few as two visits! Call our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry office and schedule a smile assessment today.

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