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Metal-Free Fillings from Beverly Hills Dentist Arthur Glosman

metal free fillings patient in beverly hills Color-matched, metal-free fillings have become an industry standard and certain choice for most top dentists, because of vast improvements in comfort and aesthetics. Metal-free fillings are the ideal solution for replacing existing metal fillings and to address cavities, tooth decay and cracks.

Traditional metal fillings have become controversial over recent years because of conflicting views over the use of amalgam, a filling material, because it contains mercury. Scientists agree that dental fillings that contain these metals can leach mercury into the mouth, easily absorbed in the bloodstream. The effects and the exposure are also controversial because of the low amounts of metal used in fillings.Although the use of mercury in dental fillings is approved in most countries, it is not recommended if white fillings are available.

Metal-free or composite fillings offer the following benefits over metal fillings:

  • Visually pleasing
  • No mercury or toxic metals
  • No dark metal discoloration along gum lines
  • No reaction to hot or cold foods
  • Long term durability
  • Protects against bacteria

Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Glosman meticulously applies the color-matched composite in layers to ensure strength and bond. Between each layer the material is hardened using an ultraviolet light, preparing each succeeding layer for the next, while reducing the possibility of material decline.

“If you have older metal fillings, I encourage you to call Beverly Hills dentist Arthur Glosman and trade up to composite.”

Generally, anyone with minor tooth decay or anyone who wants to replace existing discolored metal fillings is considered a good candidate for Metal-free fillings. With modern advancements in cosmetic dentistry, many patients with metal fillings are enhancing their smile by replacing old metal fillings with white composite fillings for a luminous new look and overall mouth comfort.

If you are looking for a metal-free smile, contact Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Glosman today to schedule your free metal-free tooth consultation.

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