Scared of the Dentist? Sleep Dentistry Can Help

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Many people who don’t visit their dentists do so not because they don’t care about their oral and dental health but because they are anxious or afraid of seeing a dentist or going through certain dental procedures. A great number of these individuals have had negative experiences with dentists or dental procedures in their childhood when technology was not as good as today. And while it is may be too late to erase those bad memories and replace them with more pleasant ones, it is now possible to create a more positive experience with the use of sedation dentistry, or sleep dentistry.

my sedation dentistry patient Beverly HillsSedation dentistry involves the use of certain medications or chemical agents to make you feel relaxed and calm. This is to make sure that you will not be anxious or tense as your dentist performs a procedure on your teeth. This is excellent for children who may be a little bit combative and restless especially when they are already on the dentist’s chair. It is also provided to adults who may have issues with anxiety related to dentists and dental professionals.

These unpleasant experiences get stored in the mind and when a situation presents itself, the whole negative experience comes back again. This is why many pediatric dentists today employ sedation dentistry to provide a more pleasant, more positive, dental experience for their very young patients. Other dental specialists especially those involved with more invasive procedures also use sedation dentistry to make sure their patients have pain-free dental experiences.

my sleep dentistry process in Beverly Hills For some patients who may not have problems with dentists but will require extensive or multiple dental procedures in a single session, they can also benefit from sleep dentistry. You can look at sedation dentistry like giving you an anesthetic agent so that you will not feel pain and you will feel more relaxed about the whole procedure. When you are anxious or stressed out, your heart rate speeds up and your blood pressure spikes. This makes it difficult to perform invasive procedures because of the risk for bleeding. Additionally, if you are too stressed out, your body releases too much cortisol, which has a negative effect on your immune system. This hormone suppresses your body’s ability to fight or ward off infections. Imagine having your tooth extracted leaving an opening for bacteria to go inside your body. With your immune system compromised, you are now at greater risk for infection.

So if you suffer from a dental phobia you don’t have to be scared to see your dentist anymore. If the thought of pain and helplessness is keeping you from seeing your dentist, then sedation dentistry is for you. Please visit our home page for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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