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Restore Smile to Youthful Grandeur

Has your upper lip started to droop or wrinkle? Do you grind your teeth or have TMJ issues? Maybe you have a missing tooth, or you've suffered injuries or dental wear and tear?

If any of these sound familiar, we can restore your youthful, vibrant smile with our exclusive procedures: The Glosman DentaLift™ and the Glosman LipLift™. You can choose to have these procedures separately, or they can be combined for spectacular results.

Glosman LipLift™

I created this trademarked procedure based on my extensive training and experience combined with my love of beauty. With it, I can restore the youthful look of your upper lip, using the support of the upper teeth to give your lip a fuller appearance.

If you have a thin or sunken upper lip, or if age has added wrinkles to your upper lip, this procedure is for you. Smoking and weight loss can take a toll on the upper lip, which suffers a natural breakdown in collagen and skin elasticity as you age.

The Glosman LipLift™ is also ideal if you're considering a full smile rejuvenation, complete with ceramic crowns and veneers.

The Process

In preparation for your LipLift, I use the Rule of Golden Proportions to restore the symmetry, harmony and balance of your facial structure. I use X-rays, study models, photos and an analysis of your bite to understand your facial aesthetics and the role your teeth play in your facial harmony.

This analysis lets me determine the precise angle your front teeth need to support your upper lip and cheeks to perfection. Once I've determined this, I can choose the precise porcelain veneers and crowns needed to get the most effective and beautiful results.

The Results

After your Glosman LipLift™, you'll face the world with a sensational smile and a more youthful appearance.

Glosman DentaLift™

If your bite is worn down or even collapsed, I designed this procedure just for you. The Glosman DentaLift™ restores your bite and the bottom third of your face to its original position, doing away with years of dental wear and tear.

The Process

I begin by reviewing your X-rays, photos, and study models, and then I inspect your teeth visually. I also examine your facial aesthetics, mentally dividing the face into thirds and focusing on the lower third, which is most affected by a collapsed bite.

My goal with the DentaLift™ is to elongate the bottom third of your face. To do this, I angle your teeth precisely to restore your natural bite pattern and the proper shape of the face.

The Results

Once your bite pattern has been adjusted, it provides support to your cheeks and lips, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance that is perfectly proportioned.

If you're interested in learning more about the LipLift™ or DentaLift™, please call us to make an appointment.

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