Dental Inlays and Onlays

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Tooth Restoration

When your tooth is damaged or has cavities, you have options available other than just getting a filling or a crown . I use inlays and onlays as a prime choice for dental restoration.

These alternatives to fillings and crowns preserve the portion of your tooth that's still healthy. As opposed to crowns, which cover your entire tooth, onlays only cover the outer surface of the tooth. Inlays, as you can tell from their name, bond with the inner portion of the tooth.

Achieving a Beautiful Balance

When you opt for inlays or onlays to repair your damaged tooth, you can maintain the look and the natural feel of your own tooth. Inlays and onlays typically don't become discolored as time passes, and you can brush them and come to our dental spa for regular cleanings just as you would with your undamaged teeth.

While some dentists only apply inlays and onlays to the surface of the tooth, I find they work just as well between the teeth, right up to the gum line itself. Choosing inlays and onlays protects against future bacterial damage to your tooth, and fills gaps without any worries about unattractive discoloration in the future.

I stay on top of the changing technology used in inlays and onlays to make sure I'm choosing only the very best materials. The composite and porcelain materials I use today match your natural teeth very closely, and I use all my skill, training and technique to make them nearly imperceptible to the human eye.

If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of inlays and onlays, contact our dental spa today.

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