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At the dental spa of Dr. Arthur Glosman, DDS, we want all our patients to "smile it forward." Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning or want to design a beautiful new smile, you'll find a visit to our offices is anything but routine.

Dr. Glosman is one of the most sought-after dentists in Los Angeles because of his expertise at both general and cosmetic dentistry. Our offices are so welcoming and comfortable that you'll find yourself looking forward to your next dental appointment.

If you're coming from out of town, our personal concierge can help you find area restaurants or lodging as well as helping with all your procedural questions. All this while you relax surrounded by ample windows, fresh flowers, and a casually sophisticated decor that helps you feel welcome and at home.

What Makes Dr. Glosman's General Dentistry So Spectacular?

Dr. Glosman combines his extensive knowledge of dentistry with his passion for art to help his patients attain beautiful smiles. "Starting from day one, I have pushed myself to further my knowledge, and continue my dental education to provide my patients with dental care that is on the forefront of dental technology." He cares deeply about your health, your beauty, and your comfort, and always goes out of his way to show compassion and attention to detail. Dr. Glosman takes great pride in harnessing the best dental materials available in the ever-evolving world of dental innovations. State-of-the-art dental equipment is employed to ensure that patients of Dr. Glosman receive the highest level of dental care achievable.

Our staff is something special, too. When you arrive at Dr. Glosman's dental spa, don't be surprised when you're treated like a VIP, as if you're checking in to a five-star hotel. Every member of our team makes empathy and courtesy their priority, and we make sure to answer every question and meet every one of your needs while you're with us.

Dr. Glosman has an artistic eye, and clear understanding of how teeth function in relation to the muscles surrounding the mouth. His goal is to provide the highest quality dental care in a painless, and relaxing environment that caters to each individual.

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What Can Dr. Glosman Do to Help You?

Let's start with the basics. Dr. Glosman can handle all the general dentistry procedures you've always gone to the dentist for. And yes, we do sedation dentistry. Other procedures include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Oral exams and X-rays
  • Dental fillings (including tooth-colored, metal-free fillings)
  • Bonding, Inlays and Onlays
  • Dental implants, crowns and bridges
  • Dentures
  • Root canals
  • Sedation dentistry

What you can't typically find at an average dentist's office is what makes Dr. Glosman's dental spa special. Come to us for procedures including:

How Often Should I See My General Dentist?

We welcome you with open arms whenever you feel you need dental care. Most people see their dentists a minimum of twice a year, though if you suffer from periodontal disease, you should come more often until it's under control. Dr. Glosman will make an educated assessment of how often you should visit based on the condition of your mouth and your aesthetic desires for a beautiful smile.

Our goal at Dr. Glosman's dental spa is to create a living work of art in your smile, bringing out your natural beauty while maintaining excellent dental health.Contact us today for more information on our general and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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