Root Canal Procedure

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Root Canal Procedures

When decay or disease reaches the pulp of a tooth, you'll know it. The pain and discomfort that result is unmistakable. The only solution to get rid of them — and to save your natural tooth — is root canal therapy.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

In a root canal procedure, the damaged enamel and then the diseased part of the tooth is removed first. Next, the vacant space is filled from the inside out, finishing it off with a ceramic or porcelain crown designed to match the rest of your teeth.

This procedure restores the strength of your tooth. Your pain and discomfort are gone as soon as your root canal is over, and you have full use of your tooth once again.

I make sure to use the most advanced dentistry equipment and techniques when performing a root canal, and I go out of my way to keep you comfortable. Sedation dentistry is available if you want it, and we'll discuss every possible option to keep your root canal quick and as comfortable as possible.

No matter how badly damaged your teeth are, I am devoted to help you restore them to health and retain your natural teeth whenever possible. I believe in keeping your teeth healthy from the inside out, and I'm here for you when you need a difficult procedure like a root canal.

Call my office today to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can make your root canal as easy and comfortable as possible.

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