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Sedation Dentistry to Help You Feel Comfortable

Do you have sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex? Have you experienced a negative or allergic reaction to Novocain, or is it difficult for you to stay numb when it's administered? Maybe you're prone to anxiety or you have a real fear of dental procedures. Or maybe you just dislike hearing the sounds of dental work being performed.

Whatever the reason for your concerns, we're happy to perform sedation dentistry here at our dental spa.

Imagine coming to the dentist with no anxiety. Imagine getting complex dental procedures accomplished in just one appointment. That's possible when you come to me and request sedation dentistry.

The Wonders of Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry effectively eliminates all anxiety associated with dental treatment. As a leading sedation dentist in Beverly Hills, I am deeply aware and appreciative of how hundreds of patients consider this sedation technology to be life-changing.

Sleep dentistry also allows me to conduct multiple procedures in one appointment, so you can minimize your visits to the dentist and use your valuable time for other endeavors. I make it a priority to respect the time demands on our executive guests, and sedation dentistry makes that possible.

If you experience apprehension when you visit the dentist, you're not alone. More than 35 million Americans admit to anxiety over dental visits, and some of our guests are challenged by severe phobias due to traumatic dental experiences in their past. I am always aware of this anxiety, and I want to make your visit as calming as possible.

Your stunning smile is only one relaxing visit away. Put an end to dental anxiety, and schedule your next visit with us today.

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