5 Hidden Gems Discovered in Beverly Hills

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Many people associate Beverly Hills with Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Blvd. They are definitely iconic streets, as you can find a lot of the high-profile shops and hotels featured on television and in movies on them. The problem with this is that visitors and locals alike tend not to venture away from these two streets, which is a real shame. Beverly Hills is a pretty big city, and there are a TON of wonderful shops around just waiting to be discovered and explored. Here are just a few examples of hidden gems discovered in Beverly Hills by Beverly Hills Insider guest blogger Julia Panchenko.

Edelweiss Chocolates

Image Courtesy of Edelweiss Chocolates

Of course I had to include something chocolate related. There are quite a few popular sweets shops on Rodeo, but venture away to N. Canon and you’ll find a quaint, unassuming chocolate shop that is frequented by the elite of Hollywood. Edelweiss Chocolates has been serving up hand-made treats since 1942, so they know how to cook up all kinds of delicious bites. Come in early and the lovely salespeople may let you see how the chocolate actually gets made! Must-try include chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate pretzels, and dark chocolate turtles. To sweeten the deal even more, they have free parking in the alley behind their shop.

The Wax Shop

Image Courtesy of The Wax Shop

There are so many beauty places in the heart of Beverly Hills that it can be difficult figuring where to go for what. The Wax Shop on N. Crescent Drive is perfect for – you guessed it – getting a wax. Waxing is awkward at the best of times and can be uncomfortable (or, just straight-up painful). But the Wax Shop is dedicated to creating a calming atmosphere by doing all of their services in very private rooms. The waxers are discreet and highly efficient; they really try to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. It also helps that they have some of the best prices around to boot.

Beverly Hills Consignment

Image Courtesy of Chanel

Beverly Hills is littered with consignment shops, but one always has to be careful and make sure they’re going to a reputable store that will offer you a fair price for true designer duds. One of the best consignment shops around is Beverly Hills Consignment on Burton Way. They offer a wide range of clothing and accessories for women and men, and their prices are hard to beat. No being cheated out of your hard-earned money here! With a little patience and persistence, you’re bound to score something really fantastic. There’s never a bad time to look for another purse…

Gem Mountain Studios

Image Courtesy of Gem Mountain Studios

I’m a sucker for just about anything that sparkles. Gem Mountain Studios, located on Canon, crafts unique, earthy jewelry using only the finest natural materials. We’re talking beautiful gemstones, shiny metals, and even polished coins. They’re jewelry certainly has an ethereal, almost other-worldly style, but it is very fashionable. It’s always a fun place to walk into and look around at all the glittery goodies on display. They create a lot of custom jewelry for celebrities, so you know you’re getting something reeeeally good when you purchase something from here.


Ok, I had to put just one more food-related shop on the list. Amorino is a newer addition to Beverly Hills, having just opened last year, but it is quickly gaining traction as one of the best spots in all of West LA to get real European gelato. It’s very creamy, and the flavors aren’t overpowering or sickly sweet. Not to mention, so very beautiful when they scoop your flavors into the shape of a rose. The best part is they are open pretty late, so you can treat yourself any time of the day or night!

Original Source: http://thebeverlyhillsinsider.com/



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