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Think of the Hollywood celebrities who have dazzling smiles. You know the ones we mean. How did they get those perfect, straight white teeth? Wouldn't you like to have the confidence that goes with such a perfect smile? You can. Now you can have a Hollywood makeover of your own.

You've probably looked into cosmetic dentistry or restorative treatments already. If you had braces as a child, that was your introduction to cosmetic dentistry. But technology has come so far that you now have many other options available to create a beautiful smile. After all, braces take years, and all they do is straighten your teeth. They don't treat teeth that are damaged or too small, and they do nothing to deal with other unsightly dental problems.

So what else is available to enhance a smile that doesn't need major dental work (such as implants)? Let's talk about porcelain veneers.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

At our Beverly Hills dental spa, we use porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your smile. These veneers are made of thin yet durable porcelain that looks just like your natural dental enamel. They're an ideal choice to cover and protect teeth that are jagged, broken, chipped or damaged in any way.

I apply porcelain veneers onto the surface of your existing teeth, where they create a natural look and provide long-lasting results. I have extensive experience working with veneers, so you can expect perfect results on every tooth.

Imagine visiting the dentist for just a few hours and walking away with all your dental imperfections corrected. No wonder Hollywood stars flock to get porcelain veneers. And no wonder our patients leave our dental spa with a smile on their face.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are dental laminates intended for people who have concerns about the teeth reduction involved with traditional dental fronts. Think of them as a type of porcelain veneer that doesn't require much prep. If you don't want your teeth resurfaced, Lumineers can be the top choice for your cosmetic dental procedures.

When you choose Lumineers, however, you must work with the best cosmetic dentist you can find. The material used in Lumineers is especially thin, which makes it more fragile than standard porcelain veneers. Only a certified and properly experienced dentist can apply Lumineers. If you go to someone who doesn't have the experience that I've worked years to attain, you could find your veneers breaking, or they could injure or irritate your gums.

When I apply Lumineers to your teeth, I start by taking extremely accurate measurements, sending them to a ceramist to make precise laminates that fit your teeth exactly. I then apply them with the utmost of care and specialized skill; in fact, the specialization required for these laminates causes the procedure to cost a bit more. If you have teeth that are particularly discolored, this procedure may not be the best choice for you, as Lumineers are so thin that severe discoloration may show through.

Porcelain Veneers vs. Composite Veneers

While there are many types of dental veneers available — zirconium, and others — most are classified into two types: Porcelain and composite.

With dental porcelain veneers, your teeth reconstruction is so close to natural in terms of their shape, color, and texture, that only your dentist can tell the difference between them and your natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers are exceptionally durable. In fact, they become even stronger once I've bonded them to your teeth. They're extremely thin (0.6mm), so they feel like real teeth in your month. The smooth, impervious ceramic used in porcelain veneers also resists staining from cigarettes or coffee.

The Advantages of Composite Veneers

The major advantage of composite veneers is their price. Because they can be placed after just one visit to the dentist, they require less time and resources. However, composite veneers don't look nearly as natural and real as porcelain veneers.

What Porcelain Veneers Can Do for You

If your profession puts you in front of the public, you may already be aware of the value of porcelain veneers in creating an instantly camera-ready smile. Veneers are a part of major smile makeovers and minor cosmetic adjustments alike. They can even take the place of minor orthodontic work to close gaps between your front teeth or freshen up a gummy smile.

Porcelain veneers are the most resilient and durable option available. However, I recommend against using them with children, teenagers and even young adults, where other options are often more appropriate.

Choosing the Shape and Style of Your Smile

With porcelain veneers, you can choose from 12 different types of styles of smile to put forward into the world the characteristics you want people to see. Take a look and see which is the best shape and style for you.

  1. Aggressive - These powerful teeth have square and round central and lateral incisors, and the canines are gently curved of semi-straight.
  2. Dominant - If you want to send a message of dominance, choose this smile shape that features square and round central incisors, and lateral incisors with rounded far corners that are chipped a little higher than the central incisors. Canines are sharp and pointed.
  3. Enhanced - Enhance your smile with central and lateral incisors that are slightly rounded, with lateral incisors slightly higher or shorter than the central incisors; think of a gull-wing shape. Canines are blunt and pointed.
  4. Focused - Show off your personal focus with this shape that features square central incisors with no rounded edges on top of an Enhanced smile.
  5. Functional - Enjoy the Enhanced smile with canines that are more pointed.
  6. Hollywood Style - Step out with the swagger of a Hollywood star when you choose this smile that's similar to the Aggressive style, but with lateral incisors that are slightly offset or shorter than central incisors.
  7. Mature - Also like the Aggressive style, but with canines that are a little more pointed.
  8. Natural - Smile with a natural flair with this style that's similar to the Enhanced style, with aggressively pointed canines.
  9. Oval - Soften the Aggressive style just a bit with incisors and canines that are slightly rounded or oval.
  10. Softened - Start with the Oval style, but choose this smile if you want a less pronounced curvature of the edges of your teeth.
  11. Vigorous - Show off your vitality with this Aggressive style that makes the canines more pronounced and protruding into the oral cavity.
  12. Youthful - This young look pairs the pronounced and protruding canines of the Vigorous style with the slight rounding of the Oval style.
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