5 Tips To Help You Overcome Dentist Phobia

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5 Useful Tips To Help You Overcome Dentist Phobia


scared woman holding hand on face and looking away while suffering from panic attack at home1. Schedule An Appointment For An Office Consultation

Talk about your fears with your dentist to see how he/she reacts. Talk about your goals for oral health but start with general questions about teeth cleaning and x-rays to get an idea of their approach and the capabilities of the office. Most general and cosmetic dentists love to share any new technology they have and how it has enhanced the overall dental experience. Depending on how long it’s been since you have visited a dental office in your area, this could be a welcome change.

2. Consider Additional Medication To Relax

Most dentists don’t have a problem prescribing a one-time dose of medication to help patients relax. Tense patients make most dental procedures difficult, especially accessing molar teeth or if the patient has a smaller mouth. Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry may also be a good option for larger jobs such as root canals and teeth implants, but be sure to check with your dentist to see whether they offer sedation services as it requires additional staff.

3. Find An Office That Makes You Comfortable

Going to the dentist does not have to be a negative experience. At our dental spa at the Roxbury in Beverly Hills, we take dental care to a new level. Our concierge will help you with anything you may need, both in our dental spa and outside in the surrounding community. A dentist’s office should be welcoming, calming, and comfortable with making patients feel at ease. It is not uncommon for some dental offices to allow you to watch your favorite Netflix show or listen to your favorite Spotify station, which has made some patients dental phobia less prevalent. 

A picture of a scared woman covering her eyes over white background4. Establish A “Stop” Word With Your Dentist

It’s recommended, especially if you’re a very nervous patient, to establish a stop-word or hand motion with your dentist and dental hygienist during your office consultation. This word will give you the option to halt anything that may be uncomfortable or anything that may cause nervousness. Generally, just taking short breaks can help you get through most procedures, but if having a stop word can add a layer of protection. 

5. Tell Your Dentist To “Go Slow”

Start with a simple-visit such as teeth cleaning and x-rays to establish a relationship. Let them know you are nervous, and usually, they will take the cue to talk to you more to take your mind off your nerves. This tactic is also a great way to build a relationship with your dentist and their staff to see if you mesh well moving forward. Once you establish a rapport with your new provider, the visits will become much more manageable. 

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