7 Reasons Why Sedation Dentistry is the Best

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7 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry For Your Next Visit

woman inhaling sedation at dental clinicFor some, going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience. But as more and more dental patients learn about the benefits of sedation or sleep dentistry, we are seeing patients much more enthusiastic about fixing their smile. Here are seven reasons why the use of sedatives in dentistry can help you overcome some of the issues you have about dental work.

1. Helps You With Dental Phobia

Many children are afraid of healthcare professionals, dentists included, because they often equate these professionals with painful experiences and suffering. Unfortunately, traumatic dental experiences in childhood can persist well into adulthood, and some grownups are fearful of dentists. Using sedatives in dental procedures can provide a more pleasant experience for them and allow for a much more comprehensive cleaning.

2. Get All Your Dental Work Done in One Visit

There are specific dental procedures that require more than one session to complete. Some individuals may require several dental treatments at one time or patients in an emergency. With the use of sedatives, such dental procedures are completed without causing undue discomfort and anxiety to the patient. This method is especially attractive to patients who might travel for their dental work seeking a top cosmetic dentist who specializes in specific treatments.

3. It’s Painless

Sedative agents work by inducing relaxation and altering the perception of pain by the brain. The drugs effectively block the nervous system transmission of the pain signal, so the patient does not feel any pain. Sedation makes the dental procedure pain-free, which is one of the main factors people don’t want to visit a dentist.

4. It Frees You from Anxiety

Often stemming from preconceived notions about specific dental procedures as necessarily painful and traumatic, anxiety can significantly affect the result of the dental treatment. An anxious patient can increase the risk of bleeding, even from routine dental procedures such as cleanings. Sedation dentistry can be used to relax both the body and the mind can help manage the anxiety related to the dental treatments.

Happy child patient in goggles, sitting in the dental chair5. Helps If You Have Very Sensitive Teeth

Some individuals have sensitive teeth where a slight touch or pressure on the tooth is often enough to send pain signals shooting down their spine. Having sensitive teeth makes performing dental procedures or treatments quite challenging because it will bring anxiety and pain to the patient. Patients with receding gums or gum disease often seek sleep dentistry to ease their pain and allow the provider to do their job correctly.

6. Helps If You are Fidgety

Nervousness could lead to restless, especially if your prior dental visit did not go that well. Sleep dentistry has found a place with patients who are very nervous and anxious about their dental health treatments. When a patient has a mild case of dental phobia often, your dentist will prescribe a mild sedative or muscle relaxer with instructions to take it before your visit.

7. Saves You Money

While including sedatives in your regular dental treatment will mean additional cost, one has to look at the cost-saving over time. For example, if you require a very lengthy procedure or several dental procedures, you will have to visit your dentist several times to complete your treatment. More visits translate to more cost. Now, if you opted for sleep or sedation dentistry, then you will finish the whole procedure in just a single session. This way, you save more.

These are the seven reasons why sedation or sleep dentistry is simply the best for almost any patient. And, it’s all about keeping you calm and pain-free during the dental procedure. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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