Average Cost of Implants

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Average Cost of Dental Implants

Tooth human implant (done in 3d graphics)If you have a missing tooth or teeth and live in the Los Angeles area, you have probably considered dental implants as a permanent solution to bridges or dentures or fill the void in your smile.

A dental implant is a process where an artificial tooth root is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of a natural tooth and permanently or temporarily hold replacement tooth/teeth or a bridge. the anchor is made of titanium metal specifically designed to be compatible with the jawbone. Dental implants are a great choice because unlike traditional alternatives such as dentures and bridges, implants do not have to be taken out and don’t become loose after time. They also feel more comfortable and natural, just like the tooth you’ve lost.

Oral health-wise, implants are more favorable because they do not need to be attached to other teeth. Choosing dental implants to help avoid problems that may arise from using dentures or bridges, like incorrect alignment or discomfort.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, there are three types of dental implants available. They are as follows:

  • Endosteal –this type is inserted right into the jawbone and can hold one or more teeth. It is the most frequently used type of implant and are mostly shaped like cylinders, screws or plates.
  • Subperiosteal –this type uses a metal framework attached on or above the jawbone, underneath the gum tissue. This implant is used on patients who possess a shallow jawbone and are unable or does not want to go through an additional operation to rebuild it.
  • Transosteal –a seldom-used type of implant that combines the endosteal and subperiosteal components. It utilizes a U-shaped frame or a metal pin that goes through the jawbone and gum tissues, into the mouth.

Tooth recovery with implant and crown. Medically accurate 3D illustration dental concept.Pricing a Implant Procedure

If you find a specialist dentist in Beverly Hills for Dental implants, for example, expect to pay a bit more than you would for comparable dentures and bridges but for a good reason. The total cost of a dental implants is based on several factors including: the type of implant and operation, the number of teeth that needs to be replaced, the number of implants necessary to support the teeth, the kind of dentist or surgeon that will do the procedure, and the geographical location of the center you need the implant. Once you finish your initial examination and appointment, your dentist can give you a treatment plan that includes the price estimate and the number of appointments needed to fix your smile.

Average Cost of Dental Implants in California

Averages based on the average cost of a single tooth implant (including abutment and crown)

  • Los Angeles / Orange County–$2,600

  • Riverside / San Bernardino County–$3,500

  • Bakersfield / Fresno–$3,300

  • San Francisco Bay Area–$3,000

Sometimes, additional procedures like bone grafts, extensive imaging and/or modeling, and extractions might be necessary. The dental implants procedure cost can quickly jump up to $5,000 to $10,000 or more.

Don’t think that by going to a less populated area you are getting a better value. When seeking a top cosmetic dentist in your area it is always recommended, you choose an office in an area that is known for cosmetic surgery such as Beverly Hills or New York City.

dental implant cut away image Good Candidates for Tooth Implants

A comprehensive oral examination that includes an x-ray of the jaw will determine if somebody is a good candidate for a dental implant. One of the deciding factors in getting the procedure is the available bone where the implant will be placed. The gums of prospective patients need to be healthy, and there should be enough bone in the jaw to hold the dental implant.

People who suffer from certain health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled periodontal disease, has undergone a radiation procedure to the jaws or head/neck area, heavy smokers and alcoholics, should be evaluated by the dentist first before getting dental implants as these factors can affect whether the implants will fuse to the bone–a process called osseointegration.

It is essential as well to inform the dentist or the surgeon about any past or present medical issues, including any medications took (prescribed, herbal, over-the-counter) as these are also taken into consideration when having an implant.

If you see or get a quote that has a price that sounds too convincing, be warned. Keep in mind that high quality and safe dental implants that last for years come at a price that relies on several factors.

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