Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

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How To Choose A Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

Most of us have a general dentist we visit for everyday needs such as cleanings and cavities. But what if you need something more specialized, such as a smile makeover, where do you turn? According to the American Dental Association, choosing a dental implants dentist or porcelain veneers dentist in Los Angeles comes down to three things: location, relationship, and experience.

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The location is often the first thing a patient considers when looking for a general dentist, because let’s face it: if the office is not close to home, chances are we won’t get our teeth cleaned as often as we should. However, with cosmetic or restorative dentistry, location can be secondary to the needs of the patient.

As a practicing Beverly Hills dentist, I have patients from all over the world visiting me, requesting porcelain veneers, lip lifts and other treatments because they know I believe in these proportions. If traveling is not an issue, I highly recommend you find the best doctor for your needs, not the most convenient. At my practice I offer a concierge service to my patients from out of town, so they can enjoy and make the most out of their trip to L.A. Why not enjoy some of the sights, sounds and shopping the City of Angeles has to offer.


A good relationship or first impression is another aspect that plays a large role in finding a cosmetic dentist in L.A. that you trust to work on your teeth. I urge my new clients to schedule an office consultation with me prior to the first exam. This way I can get to know them and ask questions without all the distractions and nerves of doing so during a cleaning or x-ray.  This is especially recommended if you have any dental phobias or previous bad experiences with Los Angeles dental implants.


Finding a cosmetic dentist with the skill set to exceed your needs is important. Especially over the last few years, many general dentists are advertising cosmetic treatments, but many of them may not have the experience to get it done right the firs time. If you were shopping for porcelain veneers or dental implants, you would want to find a dentist who regularly performs these procedures to ensure a good experience. While this may seem like common sense, you would be surprised how many people take chances with choosing a dentist based on whoever has the best Groupon.

Just a few trips to a cosmetic dentist such as Arthur Glosman DDS can change your life for the better; see what people are saying here. For more info, or to find a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, please visit website to schedule a virtual consultation.

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