Dental Crowns Fix Weak and Poorly Shaped Teeth

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Dental Crowns Can Fix Weak and Poorly Shaped Teeth

While dental implants have become the go-to dental treatment for missing teeth, sometimes its prohibitive cost can keep people from getting one. Fortunately, dental crowns provide an excellent alternative especially for teeth that are severely misshapen or even structurally weak.

While dental implants remain the treatment of choice for individuals with missing teeth, porcelain crowns, and bridges remain the better alternative for those individuals who still have teeth –not yet missing –but are in really bad shape.

But, why is a crown better? Well, for starters just think of it as an armor that you put over your teeth and bonded in its place so that it will not go anywhere else. Porcelain crowns are not removable dental devices so you don’t have to take them out every night just like what you would do with a denture. Because of this, you will feel as if you have a more natural looking and naturally feeling teeth.

dental crown dentist in Beverly Hills brochure Crowns can be made of a variety of materials. Some would prefer ceramic, or porcelain crowns because these do give a more naturally looking teeth. Their color and overall appearance closely resemble that of natural teeth so people will not necessarily know or recognize that you have crowns instead of normal teeth. There are also crowns that are made up of gold and metal alloys and are usually preferred over ceramic or porcelain for back teeth or the molars.

This is because these alloys are stronger and more durable and can withstand the strong crushing bite force of the molars or the back teeth. There are also crowns that combine the strength of metal alloys and the aesthetic look of porcelain. These are typically crowns that are made of an inner metal alloy shell covered with a porcelain matrix.

The function of crowns is protective in nature. They cover the entirety of the visible teeth. They are an excellent way of protecting a structurally weak tooth from further damage like the development of fractures. Crowns can also be used to replace a large dental filling especially when there isn’t enough tooth mass remaining. Sometimes, crowns can be used to attach a bridge, restore a severely fractured tooth, and cover a newly inserted dental implant. It can also function in covering a heavily discolored tooth or even a poorly shaped tooth. It can also be used to cover tooth after a root canal treatment.

Crowns are man’s modern solution for protecting the teeth, or whatever is left of it. It is one good way to bring back the smile and confidence in one’s life.

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