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Dental implants or Oral implants are designed with a synthetic root that a trained dentist places into the jaw to hold a new tooth. This is the perfect solution for anyone who has lost a tooth or teeth resulting from gum illness, an injury, or other factors. Unlike typical bridgework, implants are a stand-alone procedure because implants do not depend on surrounding teeth for support.

Dental implants allow patients to smile, talk, and eat with confidence and comfort, something that is hard to place a value on. Implants last for many years with normal use, care and upkeep. This treatment can be performed on any tooth without influencing the surrounding structure, so a single implant can be done rather quickly.

The ideal candidate for oral implants is one who already has good dental and gum health because the gum has to be strong enough to hold the implant in place. The materials typically used are medical grade titanium and dental composites that are perfectly fixed within the jawbone using today’s best technology to ensure picture-perfect results.

Dental Implant Maintenance

After the implants are fitted, they require the exact same care as natural teeth–no special care needed. Regular follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor your implant, teeth and gums to make sure they reflect continued oral health. Recovery from implant treatments depends on several aspects, such as how many implants are needed to finish the treatment.

Your dentist should meet with you prior to the procedure to answer any questions you might have related to the implants and where your implants need to be placed.

For questions about dental implants please contact Arthur Glosman DDS.

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