How to Eliminate Bad Breath

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6 Easy Steps for Eliminating Bad Breath

Bad Breath can affect everyday life by stopping you from socializing or even showing your personality. Sometimes bad breath cannot be solved by the even the best toothpaste or mouthwash alone. The odor can be a result of a direct disproportion of bacteria or acidity in the mouth. Investigating bad breath can be a lot of trial and error. 

Many reasons behind bad breath are not thought of commonly, but they may be the biggest culprits. Bad breath can even be caused simply be the way you breathe! You can use some simple tactics to determine where the problem lies.

How to Eliminate Bad BreathTooth Brushing

This is a logical first step but as said before cannot always solve the problem alone. Brushing needs to occur two times a day, at the minimum. Floss and mouthwash can aid in this becoming more effective against stinky breath that can lead to periodontal disease

The most effective way to whiten your teeth is holding your toothbrush at a forty-five-degree angle and brushing in circular motions. This is the best way to remove decaying food from the alcoves of your mouth.

Tongue Cleaning

An awful offender of bad breath is all the film on your tongue that can develop overnight. It cannot be overlooked when brushing and needs a fair amount of attention. The grooves of your tongue trap germs, so our tongue becomes accountable for more bacteria than the rest of your mouth combined.

There is specialty tongue brushing tools that are more efficient than your regular toothbrush; however, using the brush you already have is better than ignoring the area.

Limit Certain Foods

It is common knowledge to not gorge yourself on onions and garlic before a social engagement. Lesser-known culprits are dairy products, coffee, and alcohol. Coffee dries out your mouth and alcohol can dehydrate you as well; a dry mouth is a breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Using tobacco, while not food, is still something that produces bad breath and can be an issue for your gums as well. Frankly, cutting it out altogether is best. 

Stay Hydrated

There are special components in your saliva that actually aid in the removal of bacteria. Drinking plenty of water provokes your salivary glands to produce more saliva. The more saliva that is produced there is more of an opportunity for it to fight bad bacteria and naturally cleanse your mouth. 

Also using water to rinse out your mouth can lead to the removal of some of the top layers of grime on your tongue. Chewing gum also increases saliva, just make sure to find a sugar free option.

Sleeping Habits

Sleeping with your mouth open can invite more bacteria and cause both a stale tasting and smelling breath. Training yourself to breathe in through your nose is difficult, but not impossible. People with sleep apnea can have a problem with bad breath because of this. Saliva production slows during sleep, and a mouth that is constantly breathing in does nothing but attracts more harmful and smelly germs.

See Your Dentist

If bad breath persists, it is always best to get a professional opinion, and dentists are the experts. If brushing, using floss and staying hydrated do not help there could be a more serious issue. Cavities and rotting teeth produce horrid odors. Infections in your sinuses can also be a contributing factor. The dentist only wants to help, and there is no harm scheduling an appointment when you think the problem could be more serious. 

How to Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath can keep us from many things. Do not let it put your life on hold. Especially when there are remedies proven to help, or even prevent it. Some conditions, of course, are more serious and professional help is needed to solve them. 

Most causes of bad breath are directly connected to how you treat your teeth, and the pattern of cleaning you use. Food left in the refrigerator, or sink develops a terrible odor, so most will clean leftover food up quickly to prevent this. Why would you not do the same with the leftover food in your mouth? 

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