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Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Perfect smiles can light up a room. Some people are born with every tooth naturally in place, while others may need assistance in building that radiant smile. Today, options abound for easy care, attractive and even fashionable solutions for straightening teeth and perfecting bites. What’s more, orthodontic treatments are within the reach for more people than ever, despite age.

Fortunately, the days are long gone when schoolyard bullies shouted “metal mouth” or a rattled teen cried “my retainer!” after dumping her lunch tray. New techniques and practices are in place that can make orthodontics fun and manageable. That’s something to smile about!

Short-term braces

Cosmetic dentistry has opened up a world in which people can have minor tooth alignment or spacing issues fixed through short-term orthodontics. While most braces are in place for up to two years, short-term braces may be in place for as little as six months. Adults may find this option attractive for creating that infectious smile.

Invisible braces

Adults and self-conscious teens may opt for braces that work like traditional metal wires and arch braces but are nearly invisible day-to-day. Braces are made from materials that are the same color as the wearer’s teeth, making their appearance undetectable.

Clear aligners

These invisible aligners, such as Invisalign, are a great option for the adult, child, or teen with minor orthodontic issues. These aligners are made from a clear material and slide right over the person’s teeth. While seemingly unnoticeable, these aligners are actually busy at work, perfecting a beautiful smile by pushing and pulling teeth into place.

Colored braces

Although metal braces are still the most common type, today’s braces are not the bulky, spit-wielding braces from the childhood of baby boomers. Today’s metal braces are thinner and lighter. Many can be customized through color ligatures or spacers, depending on the type and complexity of the orthodontic work.

Digital Dentistry 

Orthodontists today have access to a digital toolbox that can keep patients motivated throughout the course of care. Through digital imagery of gums and teeth, orthodontists can provide up-to-date progress reports, as well as project images of what teeth will look like once braces and appliances are gone.

Hormone treatments

Recent research reveals that a naturally occurring hormone may play a part in the movement of teeth, and could have potential applications for orthodontics. The hormone could be used alone or in conjunction with orthodontic appliances, and may promise to speed up the teeth-alignment process. Clearly, orthodontic appliances and care are swiftly advancing. While the quest for a perfect smile will always be part of our culture, options are evolving that will help more people attain that goal.

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