Oral Health Concerns For Women

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 dentistry for women Oral Health Concerns and Dental Care for Women

Keeping our teeth and gums clean and decay-free as we get older is not an easy task for anybody. Unfortunately, because of the changes that occur in a female’s body throughout her lifetime, dental diseases and ailments can be more prevalent.

Most of the changes that occur are because of the fluctuating hormones that are present, and they usually coincide with pivotal life events or stages. Examples of these stages would be the onset of adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause.

When people mature, there are a great deal of hormones present in the bodies that are trying to alter the body. These not only make drastic shifts within a woman’s body, but can also affect the health and sensitivity within their mouths.

Menstrual Cycle

Especially during monthly cycles, ladies may experience very swollen and sensitive gums. If they do not floss and brush properly, it could cause pain and bleeding.

If this happens to you, make sure that you are making use of a soft bristle brush and take extra care and time when flossing. The gentler you are, the less bleeding and discomfort you should experience.

You may also have an influx of lesions appear in the mouth, like canker sores and blisters. Purchase an analgesic for the pain and keep an eye on the sore until it goes away. Sores that become inflamed or infected will need to be looked at by a dentist.

women white smile Pregnancy

Another period of change within a woman’s body is pregnancy. During this time, hormones like estrogen, progesterone, as well as others, shift and change on a weekly basis. Because of this, dental problems can be intensified and made more serious.

Problems that were once unrecognizable before pregnancy may become unbearable during it. A common phenomenon that occurs in many patients is pregnancy gingivitis, which mostly happens during the first trimester. A symptom of this is gums that are bleeding, red, tender, and/or swollen.

Morning sickness is another aspect that can contribute to tooth damage, because excessive vomiting wears away at the enamel and can erode teeth.

If you are pregnant, it is very smart to pay a visit to your dentist just to make sure that you are not experiencing any of these phenomena.


Menopause may also contribute to some oral ailments. Many women complain of experiencing burning sensations in their mouths or having dry mouth. Also, some of the medications recommended to patients during this time may actually contribute to tooth and gum damage and other factors.

Those that are experiencing any of these problems or are worried about the side effects of medications may want to ask their doctor for more information. All these life changes are positive things that just may have a negative effect on your oral health.

Birth Control Pills

Another factor that may also contribute is the use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills. These essentially trick the body into thinking it is pregnant through the use of hormones so that an egg is not released each month.

Because the body believes that it is with child, the same problems that women experience during pregnancy may occur if the woman is on the pill. Utilizing this medication makes it even more necessary for you to take good care of your oral hygiene and to pay close attention to any sensitivity, swelling, or discomfort in the mouth.

It is important for women to get regular dental checkup and cleanings. That way, any problems can be noticed quickly and you can maintain the health of your mouth.

It is also a good idea to inform your dental professional of any medications that you are taking or if you are experiencing any of the changes listed above. Make sure to follow proper brushing and flossing habits, as well as using a strengthening fluoride rinse, and your teeth and gums should feel comfortable and healthy!

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