Porcelain Veneers For Teens

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Are Porcielan Veneers a Good Option For Teens

It’s not uncommon to have misaligned teeth during your teenage years, but not all cases are severe enough to require braces. As a cosmetic dentist, I have seen many circumstances where alternative procedures to traditional wire and bracket straightening make more sense. Cosmetic dentistry techniques can help align crooked teeth and improve speech, without timely orthodontic treatments.

Veneer Overview For Teens

You might have heard adults talking about their veneer treatments, but did you know this option is becoming more popular with teens, especially in Los Angeles? For those who are not familiar with the procedure, veneers are thin ceramic caps that are bonded to the surface of the teeth, typically in the front. Veneers are incredibly natural looking and can help teens who may suffer from:

  • staining or discoloration
  • misshapen teeth
  • teeth that are gapped or misaligned

teenage girl in Beverly Hills after seeing the dentistPerfect Candidates for Veneers

Some parents may feel a bit odd looking into cosmetic dental procedures for their children; however, not all teens qualify for veneers. Veneers are best suited for children who have:

  • healthy teeth free from decay and infection
  • slight gaps between teeth
  • misshapen teeth but healthy teeth
  • teeth with pitting or unattractive grooving
  • teeth that are misaligned (not overly crowded)

Veneers can be an excellent alternative to orthodontic treatment that can take years to complete, even with minor cases. However, if your child has issues with decay, missing teeth, or infected roots, more extensive dental treatment may be required than veneers can correct.

black teenage girl smiling after seeing a cosmetic dentist Benefits of Veneers

There are several benefits to choosing veneers over conventional orthodontic braces that may prove to be a better fit for your teen, including:

  • Immediate results within only two dental visits
  • No metal brackets to brake
  • Ability to brush and floss properly
  • Whiter smile with shaded porcelain
  • No risk of stuck food staining teeth

asian girl after seeing a dentist in Beverly HillsProcess of Veneers

When you and your teen decide that cosmetic dentistry is a good option, you will typically need to attend two appointments to complete the process:

First Appointment: In the first visit to your cosmetic dentist, your provider will take impressions of your teen’s mouth and begin preparing the teeth for the bonding of the veneers. The impressions are sent to a lab where the veneers will be constructed to create your child’s smile in the design they are looking for. Next, to prepare the teeth, the dentist must remove a small portion of the outer enamel for the bonding of the veneers to take hold efficiently.

Second Appointment: It will take the lab two weeks to finalize the veneers using the molds and design requirements. When the veneers are completed, you and your child will return to the office for bonding. Using a durable dental adhesive, the dentist will securely place the veneers on the surface of the teeth for an instantly beautiful smile. Your child can walk out of the office in less time than it takes to bond brackets, without the burden of uncomfortable metal in their mouth!

girl with iphoneRecovery From Veneers

Often, teens who have just been bonded with traditional braces feel pain or discomfort from the stress of the wires and the new metal brackets rubbing against their cheek and gums. With veneers, your child will not experience the irritation that metal braces can cause, but they may experience some temporary tooth sensitivity from the removal of the enamel. These side-effects typically subside within a few days and can be treated using over-the-counter pastes and rinses. Though there are not as many diet restrictions with veneers as there are with preventing metal brackets from breaking, it is still encouraged for teens to be careful about what they eat directly after the veneers have been placed, just to ensure the bonding is successful.

How To Begin

Wondering if your child is a good candidate for veneers? To explore your options, start by making a consultation appointment with their cosmetic dental provider. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the teeth to determine if veneers would be a suitable procedure for your teen or if they may require more orthodontic treatments to address their concerns.

Veneers are no longer only for adults and celebrities anymore. Explore this less expensive, and less intrusive cosmetic dentistry option with immediate results for your teen! Whether you’re are looking for a solution to replace missing teeth with dental implants or fix a smile with veneers, our specialized care can give your teen the courage and confidence that come with a healthy smile.

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