Why Taking Care of Dental Appliances is Important

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Why Taking Care of Dental Appliances is Important – Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

The use of dental appliances both permanent and removable, have been steadily increasing as dental technology and availability increases. From young patients to seniors, fixtures for your teeth are needed for multiple purposes but caring for these fixtures is especially important.

When taking about removable dental appliances, it can lead to many more problems than fixed appliances such as braces. Removable appliances include professional orthopedic aligners, dentures, and mouth guards for sleeping and athletics. For example, if you remove your dentures, you also need to worry about correct cleaning and storage, as well as the outside influences of a bacteria from setting them down or from stuck food paricles.

young man with dentures beverly hillsWhy it Matters

Most dental appliances exist solely for promoting dental health. Braces correct disruptive tooth growing patterns and aligners maintain them. One problem fixed by these appliances can lead to other oral problems if they are not taken care of and cleaned properly you could be counter-acting its use altogether.

For instance, dentures can be thought of as slimy on occasion, this is not normal and needs to be remedied immediately. This usually occurs when there is a yeast build up in its storage container. A bad smell is the least of your worries; it can, in fact, produce serious infections.

Caring for and handling your dental appliance prevents damage. Certain dental appliance can be easily damaged if they are dropped or mishandled. The dental appliance can be expensive, and having to replace them is even worse on your wallet, especially if it is resulting from poor maintenance.

Many methods people have used regularly over the years to take care of their appliance are outdated and actually do more harm than good. An example of this is using bleach which is poisonous. It will also take the color away from your appliances, even parts that are colored to mirror your gums.

Tips to Improve Lifespan of Appliances

  • Cleaning Procedures – The cleanliness of dental appliances is vital to maintaining them. How often they are cleaned will determine their longevity. Ask your dentist about proper brushing technique that wont damage your appliances. Many people think boiling their appliances is wise, but even water that is a little too hot can warp the plastic that is supposed to form precisely to your mouth. Warm water with a splash of hydrogen peroxide is the best way to soak or rinse your appliance if a cleaning solution is not an option.  
  • Amount of Use – If you use anything more often it wears down faster than average. If your dental appliance is removable, then it is meant to be removed and cared for regularly. Nighttime is usually the best to take it out unless it is specifically supposed to be used overnight (then take it out during the day). If you use an mouth guard for sports than you should clean it before and after use.
  • Storage – Dentures need be stored properly in a soaking solution or, if you don’t have any you can use a combination of water, hydrogen peroxide and backing soda. Bad storage conditions can lead to infections from built-up bacteria. The storage container for your appliance also needs attentive care to be kept viable. Never leave a cleaning solution or water to sit while your appliance is not in it and the storage container should be rinsed and dried after each use.
  • Rinse With Water – Debris can become caught in all forms of dental appliances, especially braces. Always use water to rinse your mouth even if you spit it out immediately. This will loosen and remove any bits of food stuck in unreachable places.


Common knowledge tells us that the better you take care of a device, the longer it will last. The longer it lasts, the more uses you will get out of it and the less you will have to reinvest. This is definitely the case with dental appliances. These fixtures for your mouth can already be pricey enough to begin with. No one wants to pay double that because of oblivious neglect. For more information please contact us.

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