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Los Angeles Porcelain Veneers

If you've ever wished you could have the dazzling smile of a Hollywood celebrity, I'm here to let you in on a secret. You can have those perfect, straight white teeth — not to mention the kind of confidence you get when you enter the world each morning with a beautiful smile.

You might have had cosmetic dentistry as a child when your parents took you to get braces. And perhaps you thought at the time that you'd done everything you could to make your smile look stunning. After all, your teeth were straight, and that was all that could be done.

Maybe that was true then, but technology has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. Now you have many options available to create a beautiful smile. We can do far more than just straighten your teeth. We can correct teeth that are damaged, or the wrong size, or that have unsightly gaps — and we can do it quickly and easily, thanks to the wonder of porcelain veneers.

I'm here to give you the smile you've longed for quickly and easily. If your teeth aren't perfectly straight, if their sizes are mismatched, if they're damaged.... I can fix all those unsightly problems through the technological marvel of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are also often the solution of choice if you have gaps between your teeth, an uneven gum line, slightly misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, or even teeth that are severely stained or discolored.

When you come to our Beverly Hills dental spa, you can expect perfect results on every tooth. Perfect is what you get with porcelain veneers Los Angeles, which are made of a very thin porcelain that looks exactly like natural dental enamel. Because of this, your teeth that are treated with veneers will look absolutely natural next to your untouched teeth.

I apply porcelain veneers to your existing teeth, directly to the surface of each tooth. These veneers cover damaged or stained teeth. They fix the rough edges of jagged or chipped teeth, and they make broken teeth appear whole again.

Forget about the years that braces take or even the months involved with more extensive procedures such as dental implants. Los Angeles Porcelain veneers take only a few hours to apply, and thanks to my extensive experience, you can count on a perfect application.

Think how great it feels to walk out of a high-end store in a new outfit, knowing you look your best. Now multiple that feeling by a thousand. That's how you'll feel walking out of our dental spa after just a few hours with a perfect smile — Just a few hours to create a new appearance that dazzles no matter what outfit you're wearing.

It's no surprise that Hollywood celebrities count on their porcelain veneers to make them look great every time they smile. And you'll be smiling too when you leave our dental spa with your new porcelain veneers.


If you've been thinking about getting porcelain veneers, but you're concerned about the tooth reduction that's typically involved with various forms of traditional dental veneers, we should discuss Lumineers.

Lumineers are a specific type of porcelain veneer that requires minimum preparation to your tooth. They're ideal for people who have concerns about having their teeth resurfaced. But they're not for everyone. If your teeth are extremely discolored, Lumineers may not be the best choice, since they're so thin that stains and discoloration may show through. I'm happy to discuss with you whether this is your best option.

Lumineers must be placed by only the very best cosmetic dentists to be successful. Because Lumineers are so very thin, they're especially fragile, much more so than other types of porcelain veneers. They require a delicate hand and a great deal of experience on the part of your dentist.

My first step is to take extraordinarily accurate measurements of your mouth. I use the best ceramist anywhere to make your laminates, taking special care to make sure they fit your teeth precisely. When I apply them, I do it right the first time, with the utmost of care (and yes, that's why this procedure costs a bit more than others).

I've worked for decades to earn the experience needed to apply Lumineers with a steady hand, and I'm certified to work with them. I take the time to do the procedure correctly, taking great pains to avoid injuring your gums, causing irritation to your mouth, or placing your Lumineers incorrectly so that they break and have to be reapplied.

Porcelain Veneers Versus Composite Veneers

If you've done any research into dental veneers, your head may be spinning with all the options available — zirconium veneers, composite veneers, and more. What do all the differences mean? Let me simplify things for you: Most dental veneers fall into one of two basic categories: Porcelain or composite.

I consider porcelain veneers Los Angeles the top choice because of their extreme natural appearance. Each veneer is custom-made to match your individual teeth, and they mimic the light-reflecting properties that make natural teeth so beautiful. By bonding these porcelain veneers to your teeth, I can change the color, the length, the shape or the size of each of your teeth.

Once I have applied them to your teeth, the shape, color, and texture of your teeth will look so natural that while I'll be able to tell the difference between your veneers and your natural teeth, no one else will.

Here's a few added bonuses: Your new porcelain veneers are tough and durable. Once they're bonded to your teeth, they're exceptionally strong. In fact, they're much stronger than a crown, even though they're less invasive and more adaptable. They don't require any special care — Just brush and floss as you already do with your natural teeth, and come in to our dental spa for regular maintenance.

The ceramic used in them is smooth and impervious to stains from coffee and cigarettes. Porcelain is also very gentle to your gum tissues, which tolerate porcelain veneers very well, making any adjustment time minimal.

In addition, your porcelain veneers are so very wafer-thin (only 0.6mm) that they feel just like your natural teeth in your mouth.

The Advantages of Composite Veneers

There's one huge advantage that composite veneers have over porcelain veneers. That's the advantage of price. Composite veneers, although they don't look as natural as porcelain veneers Los Angeles, cost significantly less. That's because it takes less time for any dentist to place them — they can be placed in just one visit — and they also require less resources. In every other way, porcelain veneers are far superior.

What Porcelain Veneers Can Do For You

When you have porcelain veneers, you can smile, eat, laugh and talk with confidence, knowing that your smile always looks its best. That knowledge provides a boost of self-esteem, no matter your profession. If your career puts you in the public eye — whether you're a performer, a public figure, a salesperson, or just someone who cares about how you come across to others — porcelain veneers create a camera-ready smile that opens doors and creates a welcome wherever you go.

When I perform a smile makeover, porcelain veneers are often a key element of the changes you want in your smile. They can also serve to take the place of minor orthodontic work because of their value in rejuvenating a smile that's too "gummy" or in closing gaps between teeth without the need for braces. Other minor cosmetic adjustments are easy with porcelain veneers, and can make an enormous difference in your appearance. Because they're so durable and resilient, you can count on them to maintain a great look going forward.

I do recommend against porcelain veneers, however, when I'm working on children and teenagers. Even with some young adults, other options may be more appropriate.

Choosing the Shape and Style of Your Smile

I care deeply about the aesthetic beauty of each of my patients, and I focus closely on the shape of your face to make sure that we create the smile that will let your inner and outer beauty shine through. Porcelain veneers allow an enormous amount of flexibility and creativity in creating different types of smile.

Before we start applying your porcelain veneers, whether they're part of an entire smile makeover or not, we'll discuss what style of smile you want, based on the characteristics you want to put forward into the world. Take a look at the 12 basic types of smiles so you can start to choose the type that is right for you.

1. The Aggressive Smile

This powerful smile is ideal for you if you want to make your mark in the world with a winning smile. With this smile, your central and lateral incisors are square and round, with canines that are gently curved or semi-straight.

2. The Dominant Smile

When you're the person that everyone in the room pays attention to, the Dominant smile is an excellent choice. It features central incisors that are square and rounded, with sharp, pointed canines. Lateral incisors have rounded far corners and sit a little higher than the central incisors.

3. The Enhanced Smile

When you're already pretty happy with your smile and just want a little extra help to put your look over the top, take a look at the Enhanced smile. This smile shape has slightly rounded central and lateral incisors, and it forms a sort of gull-wing shape with lateral incisors that are slightly higher or shorter than the central incisors. In the Enhanced smile, the canines are bluntly pointed.

4. The Focused Smile

Being a serious, focused person doesn't mean you never get to show your pearly whites — not when you've chosen this shape. The Focused smile starts with an Enhanced smile's shape, but features square central incisors with no rounded edges.

5. The Functional Smile

Show the world how practical you are with this take on the Enhanced smile that features slightly more pointed canine teeth.

6. Hollywood Style

Don't be surprised if people think you're a Hollywood star when you beam your new smile at them. This flashy smile is similar to the Aggressive smile, but your lateral incisors are shorter than the central incisors, which are slightly offset.

7. The Mature Smile

Smile with assurance that you know who you are and what you're doing when you opt for the Mature smile. This confident smile starts with the basic shape of the Aggressive smile, but its canine teeth are a bit more pointed.

8. The Natural Smile

Don't be surprised when people warm up to you instantly after you turn your Natural smile their way. This smile adds authentic flair to the Enhanced style by adding an aggressive point to the canine teeth.

9. The Oval Smile

This softened shape complements the beautiful shape of your face by adding slightly rounded or oval-shaped incisors and canines to the basic style of the Aggressive smile.

10. The Softened Smile

A more gentle, gracious impression is what you'll leave behind when you choose this variation on the Oval smile. This smile style features a less pronounced curvature when it comes to the edges of your teeth.

11. The Vigorous Smile

Show off your youthful vitality when you choose this variation on the Aggressive smile. With more pronounced canine teeth that protrude into the oral cavity, this energetic smile conveys a sense of power and energy.

12. The Youthful Smile

Energy and gentleness combine in this eternally young smile style that pairs the Vigorous smile's pronounced canines with the rounding of the Oval style to leave an impression of vitality and strength.

At our dental spa in Beverly Hills, our goal is to pair health with beauty, giving you a smile that makes you feel confident and energetic. To learn how porcelain veneers or other cosmetic dentistry procedures can help you get the smile of your dreams, give our dental spa a call and make an appointment to see me to discuss your dental wishes and dreams.

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