4 Causes for Tooth Loss in Adults

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4 Common and Preventable Causes for Tooth Loss in Adults

Tooth loss can happen for many different reasons, but most of the time it can be prevented if your everyday routines include keeping your teeth clean and maintaining a healthy diet. Take a moment to read through this list of causes of tooth loss in adults; If any of the categories are relevant to your life, consider making real changes to help your dental health.

how to prevent tooth loss in adults

Avoiding the Dentist

The leading cause of tooth removal is a lack of professional care. When you decide to skip the dentist year over year, the results can be devastating. Seeing a Dentist once or twice a year for an examine and thoroughly clean your teeth is a must! If you have any existing dental work or dental appliances you could be more prone to tooth loss resulting from bacteria and gum disease so make sure to see your dentist often. 

Most people who cannot see the dentist regularly because of health reasons or mobility, are more likely to develop problems with preventable tooth loss. Try to make it to the dentist no matter what health issues you have.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth simply wears them down over time. A sore jaw is a sure sign of nighttime teeth grinding. Unfortunately, many people appear oblivious to their teeth grinding, until it too late or when they experience extreme soreness or discomfort. The most common reason for grinding is high levels of anxiety or stress, but another major factor could be crooked or misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth can cause wear which causes damage not only to the teeth but also the gums. Damaged gums may lead to gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss so having a strait teeth is both good for your health and makes you look good. 

Gum Diseases

The most common gum disease to cause tooth loss is periodontitis. This bacterial disease can eat straight through your gums which lead to teeth becoming unsecured in your mouth. The mouth holds hundreds of different kinds of bacteria. Most of these ‘germs’ are good bacteria that work together to promote a healthy mouth. Some conditions of your mouth can help the smaller amounts of bad bacteria to multiply. 

Gum disease is not always reversible, and if you were to lose a tooth in the process, it is a lost cause. The best way to fight Gum disease is to prevent it with healthy brushing and eating habits. The beginning stages of this disease are easily identified by the untrained eye. 

woman with dog smilingDiet

We know to put down the sugary snacks and sodas (for a multitude of reasons) but even foods with high acidity need to be avoided. The wear and tear of acid and sugars slowly degrades your teeth and gums each day, breaking down enamel and even reaching the dentin of our teeth. Let us not forget the dreadfully related toothaches from decay and cavities.

This awful deterioration of your teeth directly leads to tooth decay. Tooth decay and the combination of different gum diseases will weaken tissues in your mouth over time. This loosens teeth and can lead to them needing to be removed or simply just falling out.


When a tooth needs to be removed as an adult, it may seem like the end of the world, but there are many options available to help. These options include dental implants or replacements which appear perfectly natural.

Any dental professional should be more than willing to discuss these solutions with you. Always be sure to have loose teeth inspected or removed by a dental professional, left behind pieces of teeth that have fallen apart can go on to cause more serious infections.

The worst thing one can do is to ignore the issue and wait until a more serious issue present itself. Combatting tooth loss is tough, especially when you do not take any steps to stop further loss. Tooth loss in adults occurs too often, and to unsuspecting people. Take control of your oral health by making, healthy decisions. 

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