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How Actors Use Dental Veneers for Hollywood Smiles

We all know famous person or two that are known for their amazing smile. Celebrities include Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie–the list is endless. So how do these maintain these famous smiles through the wear and tear of everyday life? Simply put, cosmetic dentistry provides the solution to a variety of issues with the stars’ smiles and it can do the same for you.

So what are some of the options that cosmetic dentistry provides the stars? One option is the Hollywood Smile Makeover including porcelain veneers. Veneers are crafted for each individual, fitted to the unique shape of your teeth. Therefore, they can cover uneven teeth, small teeth, and even create a whiter looking smile in no time.

The dental veneers are made so they resemble natural dental enamel, resulting in the perfect smile to complement your facial features. So, those Hollywood stars can correct the various dental imperfections with just a few hours in the cosmetic dental chair. So how did Hollywood get hooked on these veneers with their lifelike appearance?

two people pointing at the hollywood sign History of Dental Veneers

In the late 1920s, Dr. Charles Pincus was a dentist in Hollywood looking at options for his patients to enhance their smiles for various screen roles. Originally, he opted for false fronts that were applied prior to their screen work, but these proved to be just a temporary solution. Still, the stars quickly became addicted to those trademark stunning smiles that Hollywood is now so famous for. However, he could not find a method to apply the porcelain fronts in a permanent manner. Without that technology, the smiles he created were just temporary at best.

That all changed in the 1960s, when Dr. Michael Bunocore came up with the modern day solution to affix the porcelain. He began by lightly etching teeth with a mild acidic solution that created a stronger bonding surface for the seals and restorations. This group of dental corrections eventually came to include the porcelain veneers during the 1980s.

As the technology continued to develop, a variety of porcelain types were created to reflect light in a way similar to normal tooth enamel. They are also stronger and can stand up to normal activities, just like our standard teeth. Today, a cosmetic dentist can create same day restorations of your teeth with veneers that are almost a perfect match to your teeth’s natural shape and color. If you are considering this treatment, they can correct multiple structural or cosmetic issues, including chips, cracks, gaps between individual teeth, and even minor misalignments in your teeth.

You also need to know exactly what you want to accomplish and be able to explain it to your cosmetic dentist so they can meet your requirements. In the end, you have options using veneers to create your own version of those amazing Hollywood smiles. For more information please visit our homepage.

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