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cosmetic dentist wrinkle cream Cosmetic Dentistry for Fewer Wrinkles

Some of us would do almost anything in the name of youth and beauty. We try various gadgets, lotions, and supplements, even drinks to reduce the appearance of fine lines in the face. Add to that, there now facial exercises such as yoga that people are doing to help restore their youthful appearance. Others consider evasive plastic surgeries to get the job done, however most people don’t want to go that far into changing too much of their appearance. But that should not stop you or anyone from seeking remedies for wrinkles on the face.

Most people don’t realize that the alignment of your teeth could contour your face, and even help reduce wrinkles. Cosmetic dentistry opens up additional options for low risk aging methods performed by what some dentists refer too as anti-wrinkle dentistry.

For example, imagine having a heavily forward or crowded set of upper teeth. The upper foreword inclination gives the appearance of a protruding mouth, which consequently makes the nasolabial folds appear deeper and more obvious. The more apparent the nasolabial folds are; the older you appear. A protruding mouth also has the tendency to draw your chin backward and downplay high cheekbones. This is why some cosmetic dentists have patients wear braces to push the upper set inwards.

women smiling Eliminate Wrinkles with Cosmetic Dentistry

At Arthur Glosman DDS, in Beverly Hills we have been practicing cosmetic and restorative dentistry for a significant number of years. My approach does not only focus on fixing your teeth, but also considers the entire symmetry of your face to provide a comprehensive plan. Many of my clients were very happy when I created the treatment I call the: Glosman LipLift and Glosman DentaLift.

The Glosman LipLift procedure works by restoring facial proportions, particularly the bottom third of the face while the upper lip starts to thin as we age due to the loss of collagen and fats. As this happens, it may leave a dent or a wrinkled spot above the upper lip, making you appear older. So by making use of the upper set of teeth to support the lips it makes the lips appear plump again. The magic lies in the proper positioning and cushioning.

Then there’s also the Glosman DentaLift, which is suitable for those who have a collapsed bite. Reasons for collapsed of closed bites can include teeth loss, injury, or heavy grinding (parafunction). Regardless of which, the vertical dimension may be decreased causing the upper teeth to fall back. This condition can alter your jawline and even your cheeks. With my procedure, your teeth will be restored back to their normal position while reducing lip wrinkles. Depending on the problem areas, the procedure may require implants, or veneers to correct any gaps.


The results of cosmetic dental procedures are typically less risky than traditional plastic surgery. Preferably, you should look for a dentist who has specialized in this form of treatment and with many years of experience. Client testimonials would also tell you of how competent the dentist is.

The dentist should also provide a careful analysis prior to the conduct of operation (if there is a need) or prior to the start of treatment. The tests include a bite analysis, facial x-ray, study models, photographs taken at different angles, and – a visual inspection where they divide the face into portions to serve as his guide in harmonizing the symmetry of the face.

If you still have questions about cosmetic dentistry outcomes, do a little research online. Looking at before and after pictures of patients who sought help from cosmetic dentists can increase your motivation. Research will also help you size up your chosen dentists, whether he truly has skills and artistry. Sometimes, a dentist may be technically skilled, but not perceptive to aesthetics. The result would be a canned procedure for all his patients, which are a big no, no.

A cosmetic dentist must know how to customize dental treatments to suit individual facial symmetry. At Dr. Glosman DDS, individual differences in facial structure and dental needs are always taken into consideration. For more information please contact us to visit our homepage.

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