Different Methods of Teeth Whitening

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Which Teeth Whitening Procedure is the Best For You

Although the natural color of our teeth is not a true white, most people want that pure white Hollywood smile. For this reason teeth whitening procedures are the most sought after cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in Beverly Hills and beyond.

We all want a better and brighter smile. After years of drinking coffee, tea, and soft drinks, our smile can naturally become stained and yellow. The yellowing is natural as the inner part of the tooth yellows, not the outer enamel as most people think. As we age, the outer enamel becomes thinner, and the inner part of the tooth becomes dark as it regenerates. Just as we get wrinkles and gray hair, our teeth yellow over time. There is nothing to be ashamed of however, many people opt some sort of procedures to brighten their smile and restore their confidence.

Before examining the different whitening methods it is important to understand what gives teeth their color he first place. The white comes from the thickness, or thinness of both the enamel and the dentin layer of the tooth. If the outer enamel is thicker and the dentin has a much lighter composition, then the appearance is a whiter tooth. However, if the enamel is more thinly coupled with a much denser dentin, the result is a darker shade of white.

Now, we know the food and drink that go into our mouth can stain enamel as well as, certain medications and other health problems may also lead to stained teeth. If your teeth are too thin or you no longer want to deal with strips and trays, dental veneers or crowns would be a good fit, especially for individuals with severe discoloration and problems in the overall structure of how their teeth fit in the jaw. Just know if you are conscious about the color of your smile, you have a few options to reach your goals.

Over the Counter Products

For those who do not want a professional treatment, you can purchase a kit, which is technically made of the same bleaching agents except these are of relatively lower grade and are not activated by laser technology. The results may also take a long time before the desired shade is noticeable. There are others risks involved with over the counter whitening kits, so it’s recommended to seek professional care.

Products you can buy in your typical supermarket are some of the least effective products on the market and will not be as effective as a professional laser teeth whitening procedure. Charcoal Toothpastes are mostly ineffective, as they are simply just more abrasive than regular toothpaste and do not address the issue of internal yellowing. However, if you have surface stains, a good toothpaste can address this type of yellowing issue.

Mouthwashes that boast whitening powers have the same issue as toothpastes with small pieces of dental strips is more of a marketing ploy than a viable solution, but it’s sometimes hard to find a high end paste without “whitening” properties. They are cheap nonetheless and provide just enough abrasive to do a decent job maintaining a white smile between dental visits.

Gels are only a bit more effective because of the peroxide present in the products. However, peroxide is only effective when it is in constant contact with the tooth. Gels are easily removed as soon as they are applied. The chemicals and peroxide used to whiten have time to be applied during this process, as the strips are pressed and molded and held in place for an extended time.

The downfall of the store bought strips lies in its two-dimensional capabilities. The strips cannot mold around the creases between the tooth, therefore causing the fronts of the teeth to appear whiter while ignoring the curved parts, leaving them yellowed. Strips are also not customizable when bought over the counter, leaving the strips in contact with your gums and potentially causing pain in these areas.

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Professional Laser Whitening at Your Dentist’s Office

There are many options available through your dentist that are more effective in making teeth bright and white than over the counter products. A dentist will always be able to tell you what will work best for you. Dentists will typically use high levels of peroxide and special lights to whiten your smile. This is effective and takes a short amount of time for treatment.

Currently, the preferred choice of dental whitening procedure is laser treatment. In-office laser whitening works by using a gentile dental grade abrasive such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to break down the chemical bonds of the stains on the surface of the tooth. Then, the laser light is introduced to activate the chemicals so that they can go to work immediately lighting the tooth.

One of the best things about in-office laser treatments is that they won’t take so much of your time, the results are almost instantaneous, and lasting.

A patient will typically come in for an hourlong session with multiple sessions occurring before extremely effective results can be seen. Professional treatments are worth the investment, as the results are noticeable and safe, with your dentist overseeing your treatment every step of the way. Instead of spending money on all those over the counter treatments with no results, spend it on a reliable procedure that is overseen by a medical professional.

Teeth Whitening Gives You Immediate Results and a Brilliant Smile

The most effective treatment you can receive through your dentist is the Phillips Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment. In just one session, results are clearly noticeable. This treatment is not only long-lasting, keeping your smile bright up to a year and a half, but it is also immediate; lightening your color by up to eight shades within the first treatment session. While this procedure is not the cheapest fix for yellowing, it is the most effective, quick, and long-lasting procedure. If you are looking for the best brightening solution, Zoom! Is it!

When contemplating how to lighten the stains on your teeth, skip the over the counter products and head on over to your dentist’s office. While the Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment is the most effective and noticeable; if it is not within your budget, your dentist can still find a treatment that is right for you and your wallet. Don’t skip the coffee, skip the whitening strips and visit your dentist for a routine whitening treatment that actually works! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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