FAQs – Dental Lifts and Lip Lifts for a New You

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FAQs – Dental Lifts and Lip Lifts for a New You

dental lip lift What I love about cosmetic dentistry, especially in Beverly Hills, is that it is always progressing. One of the reasons I opened my dental practice in the “90210” area code is that I felt the unmistakable desire to explore other techniques of cosmetic dentistry to augment my practice, and make more people feel youthful and beautiful by improving every aspect of their smiles. By tapping into my past experiences and training I developed an acute eye for beauty that ultimately led to the creation of the Glosman DentaLift™ and the Glosman LipLift™, which can be effective on their own or combined to bring back a youthful and healthy smile.

What’s a Dental Lift?

The Glosman DentaLift can restore worn-down teeth or even a collapsed bite, bringing back your original jaw position. The Dental Lift focuses more on the bottom third of the face, perfect for those who grind their teeth or have suffered trauma to the mouth area from injuries. I also treat patients with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) issues, missing teeth, or severe dental wear-and-tear with this procedure.

What’s The Process?

I begin by examining facial features and making a precise bite analysis using X-rays, referencing case studies, taking digital photographs–using everything I can to paint a clear picture. By visually dividing the face into thirds, I can concentrate on elongating the lower third of the face by angling the teeth and restoring a natural bite pattern while enhancing the shape of the face.

What Results Can I Expect?

The procedure will lead to an adjusted bite pattern, better support to the cheeks and lips in the lower third of the face, delivering a more proportional and rejuvenated appearance.

What’s a Lip Lift?

While the DentaLift concentrates on the bottom part of your mouth, the Glosman LipLift focuses on rejuvenating the upper lip. This procedure is a favorite among my patients because my Glosman LipLift restores a youthful look by giving the upper lip a slightly fuller and more vibrant appearance through the support of your upper teeth. That means fewer wrinkles with no collagen injections!

Is a Lip Lift Right for me?

The upper lip can often fall the victim to things like premature aging, smoking wrinkles, even weight loss which can cause a breakdown in collagen and skin elasticity. This procedure is really best suited for patients who are considering smile rejuvenation or as a complement to porcelain veneers, ceramic crowns, implants, or other dental treatments such as orthodontics. Lip Lifts can be a savior for those who feel they have a wrinkled, thin or recessed upper lip.

What’s The Process?

When starting any dental rejuvenation I reference the Rule of Golden Proportions, which focuses on balance, harmony, and symmetry of the face. I use many of the same techniques in Lip Lift as I do in a Dental Lift, including careful examination of the teeth and facial features using X-rays, case studies, and digital photos with a general bite analysis to best determine the correct placement of the front teeth to best support the cheeks and upper lip. porcelain veneers teeth implants and crowns are then chosen for the best results. With the fullness restored to the upper lip, people enjoy a more youthful and attractive appearance.


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