Porcelain Veneers For Fuller Lips?

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Can Porcelain Veneers Give You Fuller Lips?


As a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, it’s safe to say that over the last few years porcelain dental veneers have grown into more than just a solution for fixing teeth imperfections, but a solution to enhance lip fullness and plumpness without plastic surgery or painful injections.

While the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reports that oral veneer treatments have actually increased twofold in the last few years, I can assure you that a portion of those treatments had the goal to enhance other aspects of the lower face, not simply teeth.

There have been numerous remarkable and considerable developments worldwide about cosmetic dentistry–mostly referring to innovations and contemporary techniques being adopted by providers. I myself have developed high level treatments focusing on producing younger, vibrant smiles–the Glosman DentaLiftand Glosman LipLift™, which can be effective on their own, or combined with dental implants for a comprehensive smile makeover.

How Does It Work?

If you don’t know how veneers work, you can study my dental veneers and Lip-lift information page. In a nutshell, a thin wafer-like strip of porcelain, fitted to the surface area of your teeth, adds a thickness that presses out the natural lip curves to develop a complete, plump shape.

If you have problems stemming from TMJ or teeth grinding, my Glosman DentaLiftmay be an excellent option. Dental-lifts usually restore worn-down teeth to their natural position by focusing on enhancing the bottom third of the face, and lifting collapsed bites. The treatment is also perfect for those who suffered injuries to the mouth, or have serious oral issues such as missing teeth.

Take Away

As more basic dentists advertise cosmetic dental services it is important to consider their experience prior to selecting a plan.

When done right, porcelain veneers will help enhance facial features by improving a patient’s smile, restoring natural lip shapes and smoothing out any wrinkles caused from sun, aging or smoking. Similar to other procedures, I always recommend talking to a skilled and devoted cosmetic dentist prior to continuing with any enhancements to the mouth or face.


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