Twilight Anesthesia For Dentistry

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Twilight Anesthesia – Conscious Sedation For Dentistry

sedation dentistry by Arthur Glosman

Twilight anesthesia can be used for many healthcare applications including sedation dentistry. When a provider or cosmetic dentist elects to use twilight anesthesia also known as conscious sedation, the patient will remain under a “light sleep,” but not unconscious as with general anesthesia, allowing the provider to perform the impending procedure.

Similar drugs that are used for general anesthesia are used for sedation dentistry, except in reduced amounts. Administered via gas or intravenously, drugs such as Ketamine may be used for light sleep, less nervousness, and anxiety, and no memories of the surgery patients with dental phobias feel more at ease.0

It’s important to remember that conscious sedation alone is not enough to provide relief from surgical pain; therefore, it is always given combining a local or regional anesthetic “cocktail.” Breathing tubes and catheters are unnecessary for this variety of anesthesia, which is a positive aspect for many patients and providers.

Twilight also offers a limited recovery time, and is usually associated with less queasiness and gagging then general anesthesia so patients can bounce back much quicker than with traditional treatments.

Many dentists will give the patient a mild sedative such as Valium (or similar medication) to take prior to being put under sedation to help relax them.


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